Financial Collapse?

Read Dr. Darby’s assessment of the recent collapse and how it is tied to legislation that ignores the risks of moral hazard and, instead respresents politically popular causes that impose hidden taxes.  It was published in the Washington Times on September 30, 2008 at    FINANCIAL COLLAPSE?   Complex events never have single causes […]


     Identity theft, Viruses, Privacy and Spam are Top Worries     WASHINGTON, DC, September 29, 2008 – Internet consumers are growing increasingly concerned about online threats such as viruses, spam, and identity theft, according to a survey by the American Consumer Institute’s Center for Citizen Research (ACI).  Consumers also report a considerable worry […]

Ink Scam!


Controlling the Price of Ink – What Can Consumers Do? Study Finds Consumers Overcharged for Inkjet Cartridges   A recent study by the American Consumer Institute looked at the inkjet printer and ink cartridge market and found that consumers are losing billions of dollars due to overpriced ink.  Because consumers are not given sufficient information […]

Subsidies for Companies Are Not in Consumers’ Interest:


  This ConsumerGram draws on conclusions from research done by academics and public policy analysts inside and outside government.  It addresses the current scheme of subsidizing some telephone companies by making other companies pay fees well above costs.  These fees represent hidden taxes that consumers ultimately pay.  This “tax and subsidy” scheme has a long […]

Consumers Pay More for Insurance Price Regulation; Get Little in Return


Mounting evidence shows that onerous state-based price regulation has adverse consequences on insurance markets — increasing industry costs, discouraging market entry and competition, and creating price distortions. This ConsumerGram provides additional evidence that state-based price regulation of automobile insurance tends to increase consumer prices, thereby reducing consumer welfare. These studies suggest that state-based price regulation […]

Communicating During an Emergency

Have a Plan Now ·         You should have a plan for protecting your family and real estate, and coordinating with each other in an emergency.  Emergencies are of different kinds, so plan broadly.  Food, water, shelter, first aid, batteries, flashlights, and communications are important to arrange for in advance.  You should also agree on a rendezvous […]