Corporate Subsidies Are Not in Tennesseans’ Best Interest: The Case of Telephone Access Charges

In the realm of public policy, the most egregious form of tax comes from the imposition of hidden fees.  For telecommunications services, the prime example of this are what are referred to as access charges.  Access charges were once designed for telephone companies to recoup network costs by placing extra fees on long distance calls.  […]

Economists Highlight Danger to Consumers in Latest Government Regulation and Deregulation Efforts

The American Consumer Institute hosted a panel discussion yesterday on Capitol Hill to discuss the economic impact of recent federal initiates to regulate some private industries and deregulate others.   “The markets can fail, but so can public policies.  The trick is to fully evaluate the costs versus the benefits.  Without that evaluation, regulations in the name […]

The regulatory Death Spiral: Why Price Regulation of Homeowners Insurance Means Consumers Pay More

ACI has just released an extensive study on the consequences of price regulation of insurance.  It finds that regulated insurance prices eventually become higher than they would have been, had no price regulation been in effect.  In other words, price regulations fail miserably for consumers, lead to higher industry costs and eventually higher consumer prices.  Furthermore, inadequate premiums lead to […]

Are Florida Homeowners Paying More For Less? Study Cites Price Regulation as the Major Reason

Price regulation of property and casualty insurance in Florida has been a failure, according to a new ACI study released by the American Consumer Institute.  The study shows that Florida insurance prices were 30% above the national average just 10-15 years ago, but today they stand at 90% above the national average, despite the state having […]

Government Takeover of the Internet: Net Neutrality and Egypt

Leaders of the free world expressed shock, as the authoritarian Egyptian government turned off cell phone networks and Internet communications, as a means to quell unrest and to keep an autocrat in power.   That act should make clear the risks to free citizens when governments act to control the media, even for supposedly well intentioned purposes. […]

Unemployment Rate Drops to 9% — or did it?

The unemployment rate fell four-tenths of one percent to 9.0% in January, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’s Employment Situation Report.  While the decline in unemployement should be good news for American workers and policymakers, the drop was not due a sharp increase in hiring.  In fact, only 36,000 jobs were created during the month, according […]

ACI Consumer Survey on Mobile Usage Cited in the Press

ACI filed wireless consumer survey results with the FCC in connection with its Bill Shock proceeding.  The results find that most consumers are aware of wireless applications that enable them to monitor and limit mobile usage, but most choose not the use these tools.  Press citations include: TRDaily (subscription required)

ACI Files Reply Comments On FCC Proposed Wireless Regulations

Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554     In the Matter of                                                        )                                                                                 ) Empowering Consumers to avoid Bill Shock             )         GN Docket No. 10-207                                                                                 ) Consumer Information and Disclosure                       )         CG Docket No. 09-158          Reply Comments of The American Consumer Institute   The American Consumer […]

ACI Survey Findings Raise Doubt on Proposed FCC Regulations

Survey Finds Most Consumers Do Not Check Cell Phone Usage Despite Available Tools Findings Cast Doubt on Proposed FCC Regulations, ACI Says in Filing WASHINGTON- February 3, 2011- A survey released today by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) finds that although aware of their availability, the majority of consumers do not regularly use tools that […]