New National Poll Reveals Consumers Support Expanding U.S. Energy Initiatives to Create Jobs: Most See Economic Benefits, Greater Energy Independence and Lower Prices

WASHINGTON, DC – A new national poll released today finds that the vast majority of consumers support an expansion of energy projects as a way to boost job growth among American workers.  The poll also revealed that most consumers are pessimistic about the health of the economy, and the vast majority support expanding energy initiatives […]

Digital Privacy and Security to Protect It – Part 3: Financial “Con Jobs”

Following on our two earlier blogs, which covered 1) anti-virus protections and 2) online nuisances, this blog discusses the risks of online financial scams.  Digital crooks, thoughtless acquaintances, and creeps are the independent actors that attack your use of the internet with effects that range from mildly annoying to malicious and criminal.  They may seek […]

Digital Privacy and Security to Protect It — Part 2: Online Nuisances

With October 2011 marking the eighth annual National Security Month, this blog represents the second in a series of six blogs on digital privacy and security.  Our last blog addressed the importance of antivirus software in protecting you online information and security, and this blog focuses on five online and communications nuisances – spam, unsolicited […]

American Consumer Institute Responds to FCC Universal Service Fund Proposal

WASHINGTON – Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski today unveiled his plan to reform the Universal Service Fund. The following quote should be attributed to Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research. “Today’s speech by Commissioner Genachowski represents an important step forward on reforming the Universal Service Fund and ensuring […]

Digital Privacy and Security to Protect It — Part 1: The Need for Anti-Virus Protections

In the real, physical world, we (our assets and our actions) are on display – to about the degree we want them to be.  We have a sense of how deeply we want to be known and by whom.  We can generally tell from another’s gaze, questions, or actions whether we are being scrutinized excessively, […]

Universally Taxed and Spent

On August 22nd, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) directed the Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC), the agency that administers all of the payouts through the USF, to retroactively accept all e-rate applications for subsidized technologies and services from the 2010 fiscal year. Additionally, to pay for a wealth of new projects, the FCC has carried […]

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