ACI in Real Clear Policy: Waiting Until the Cyber Damage Is Done

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The cyber intrusions we face are serious. Civilian cyber-criminals inflict problems ranging from nuisances to theft, as happened at Target and Adobe. Now the curious Heartbleed vulnerability inconveniences consumers, requiring extensive password replacements. Less known but more serious are cyber-attacks by nation states, which threaten our economic vigor and the functioning of our infrastructure. China’s […]

ACI in The Hill’s Congress Blog: Spectrum Bailout is Regulatory Malpractice

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) appears to have decided that the upcoming broadband spectrum auctions should favor some competitors over others.  To accomplish this, the FCC will set some revenue targets that, if met, would exclude bidding by AT&T and Verizon Communications, as well as potentially shutting out bidding by several regional carriers, such as […]

You Earn It; They Tax and Waste it

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Based on the myriad of reports over the years, the Federal government is wasteful, inefficient and lacks the incentives to act differently.  The news reports of waste, overpayment and abuse are so common and often run in the billions of dollars.  For example, one report looked at about 100 examples of government projects that produced […]

Don’t Tax the Internet: Groups Write Letter to Congress

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A diverse group of nonprofit organizations sent a letter to congress today expressing concern over the pending expiration of the Internet tax moratorium.  A bill has been proposed to make the moratorium permanent, but failure to pass this bill would mean high taxes on Internet access services for consumers, perhaps on the scale that is currently […]

Common Core versus National or State or Local Standards


Should high school “graduation” imply enough skill to read a parts manual, make change for a $20 bill, and read an election ballot?  Since students have the right to move about the country claiming to be graduates, it is in their interest and our interest that graduation means being “able to function in society beyond […]

Trawling for Dollars: The Profitable DOJ


Our federal Department of Justice (DOJ) excels at seizing the cash.  In the past two years, often acting as another Department’s attorney, DOJ has prosecuted violators shaking at least $45 billion in fines and penalties out of companies – notably, JP Morgan ($13B), Bank of America ($9.5B), Anadarko ($5.2B), HSBC ($1.9B), Deutsche Bank ($1.9B), SAC […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: The Consumer Interest in Patent Pools


Aggressive litigation by patent trolls earned them notoriety over the past few years.  At last, bills with a chance of protecting consumers and the economy from unrestrained patent trolling are moving through Congress (S. 1720 and H.R. 3309).  While the focus of those bills is patent trolls, the bills should also tighten controls on patent […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Mugged by the Ticket Cartel Gatekeepers


Entertainers and ticket sellers have a right to earn an honest living, but we’re tired of being mugged at the ticket booth.  Shameless greed has become standard practice and it’s neither entertaining nor sportsman-like conduct.  Ticket vendors have perfected the art of trolling.  They slap high fees on ticket sales and for the event tickets […]

Taxing the Internet is a Bad Idea


For over 15 years, American’s have enjoyed untaxed access to the Internet, thanks in part to the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998, which provided that no entry point to the Internet could be taxed. Congress at that time understood the importance of keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible, giving as many […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Netflix Free Lunch

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Last month, Netflix announced an agreement whereby it would pay Comcast to boost Internet speed and reliability for the companies’ joint customers. Soon after, Netflix said it would be entering into similar agreements with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This comes after years of struggle between Netflix and other content providers and the ISPs, with […]