Cooler Heads Abandon a Gas Tax Increase

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For the past 6 years, consumers endured economic bad news ranging from disappointing to terrible.  Their chance of finding a good new job is so dismal that millions stopped looking.  The middle-class saw their wages and salaries stall or declined.  Their financial net worth declined a shocking 19%.  For many, the value of their home […]

Time to Revisit Trucking Regulations


President Obama’s State of the Union Address calls for improving our road and bridge infrastructure, as well reducing carbon emissions.  Our latest op-ed shows that increasing LTL trailer length will improve road efficiency, use less diesel, save lives and reduce consumer prices — a big win without increasing costs to taxpayers.  To read the piece, visit the Daily Caller.

What Consumers Say about Internet Regulation


As the new Congress gets into high gear, net neutrality appears to be at the top of the agenda for many. President Obama saw fit to voice support for net neutrality in last night’s State of the Union, saying he intends “to protect a free and open Internet,” as well as mentioning improving broadband networks […]

The Hill’s Congressional Blog: Internet Regulations Not Open or Free


Net Neutrality proponents are always saying that they are promoting a more “open and free” Internet.  Last week, Susan Crawford, a former advisor to President Obama on matters concerning science, technology and innovation, wrote an article in Medium condemning a practice known as “zero rating”—where some wireless carriers offer free wireless data to access certain […]

Rigidity in Privacy, Transparency and Security

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There are persisting frictions among the public and policymakers regarding three privacy orientations: those who rank privacy above security, those who rank transparency of information above privacy, and those who rank security above privacy. These tribal orientations cannot be localized into “no go” neighborhoods, so we cannot “opt out” from the consequences of each orientation. The […]

Expecting a Crush of Lenders for Low Down Payment Mortgages?

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The most prominent obligation for federal bank regulators – the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Reserve, and the Controller of the Currency – is to avoid another taxpayer bailout as happened in 2008. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) infused $250 billion into banks to stabilize them.  The program was embarrassing to banks […]

Equal Access to Quality Teachers – Done Right


A decade ago, Congress urged states to eliminate the disparity that left low-income students without a highly qualified teacher.  The feds think holding a degree, a teaching license and a background in the subject being taught is enough to be “highly qualified.”  However, being highly qualified does not equate to actual effectiveness in teaching.  To […]

Net Neutrality Kleptocrats


Where is the compelling collection of dashed consumer hopes that justifies transforming the US Internet into a 1930s style utility?  There is no such catalog of damage.  Instead there is a chorus of stylish but paranoid emotions over blocked content or “open and free” communications or fictional startups’ potential need for regulatory protection from competitors’ […]