Net Neutrality – What’s Outside the Gate?


Content purveyors are asking a big political favor from regulators – regulate Internet delivery networks by controlling the speeds and prices those firms are allowed to offer to everyone.  Under a brilliant but cynical choice of name, “net neutrality,” regulations would grant the wishes of one group of technical firms to the detriment of other […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Anti-Consumer Ticketing on the Rise

ticket admission

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in a type of ticket to live entertainment and sports events that does not have the consumer’s best interests at heart.  This summer, “A-list” artists, including Arcade Fire, Eric Church, Garth Brooks and The Black Keys, will use this paperless system. From a convenience standpoint, […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Say No to Wireless Auctions Restrictions

Mobile communications and social networking concept

Real Clear Policy published an ACI blog that calls for open and competitive bidding rules for the upcoming wireless broadband auction.  To make matters worse, T-Mobile and Sprint have recently called on further favors from the FCC.  Read how these rules will negatively affect wireless consumers.

Meritocracy, Altruism and Economic Opportunity

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There has been too much partisan prattle and blaming about income inequality.  While there might be some agreement that reducing inequality is good for society, there is little agreement on how best to reduce inequality.   One extreme sees government-centered redistribution as the preferred way, others think self-help is the only enduring prescription.  While it addresses […]

A Welcomed Primary Care Provider

doctors scope

The scheduling delay for a routine appointment with one of America’s 210,000 primary care doctors seems to be measured in weeks, even when the doctor’s practice is already the patient’s medical home.  New patient appointments often take six weeks.  For a good ophthalmologist, 2 or three months seems to be a normal wait.  Medical care […]

The Odds of College Graduation


The back to school season for college students has arrived.  Millions are putting the finishing touches on their financial plans, clothing, dorm room gear, texts, subscriptions and electronics.  It may be too late to adjust the choice of school, but it’s not too late to research which college might offer a better chance of graduating. […]

FCC Needs to End Bias Spectrum Bidding Rules


Bidding Restrictions Could Lower Consumer Welfare by $230 Billion             To deal with the looming spectrum crunch, Congress passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which would, through reverse auctions, compensate TV stations for giving up broadcast airwaves and, through forward auctions, allow wireless service providers to repurpose the spectrum […]

Before the Financial Plan for Retirement


Much of the discussion on retirement comes in publications that focus on the best tools, investments and advisors for managing your retirement nest egg.  Those are important, but more important as a first step is to establish your choices on what you want to do during retirement and when retirement should start. For most, a […]

ACI in Forbes: FDA Action Can Save Lives, Money

drug vials

Dr. Joseph Fuhr, Jr., professor of Economics and a senior fellow at ACI, wrote a piece on how biosimilar competition could provide wider choice and cheaper access to lifesaving drugs for patients, but the FDA needs to write the rules necessary to permit competitive entry. His piece is available to read and print at Forbes.

ACI in the Huffington Post: “The Scalpers from Within”


Have you ever tried to buy concert tickets and found out that all of the tickets were sold out in just a few minutes?  Blame the scalpers?  Blame the resellers?  No, it is an inside job. This article, written by ACI president Steve Pociask, talks about how performing artists, concert venues and Ticketmaster are involved in holding back […]