Credit Card Industry Trots Out Same-Old Arguments Against Better Protecting Consumers


(WASHINGTON, DC) In light of today’s House of Representatives Committee on Small Business hearing on the transition to EMV payment cards, Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, issued the following statement: “I thank Chairman Chabot and the House Committee on Small Business for holding hearings on this important subject. […]

FORBES: Privatizing Flood Insurance: The Right Choice For Consumers


As storms leave a drenched eastern seaboard, it provides a reminder of the potentially ruinous effects that storms and hurricanes can bring — communities can be lost, businesses destroyed and families uprooted. It is the cost of having a thriving coastal economy, but it is also a cost that impacts those who live far away […]

Perverse Incentives for Flood Insurance Harm Taxpayers


The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) chronically subsidizes the flood insurance premiums for high risk homeowners, offering them premiums that are lower than the predictable payouts. These subsidized homeowners live in areas proven to be flood-prone. Their dwellings are repeatedly insured, then flooded, and then re-built with NFIP money. Since the re-build costs are much […]

Retirement Disasters Paid From Your Pocket

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For some state and local governments, the weight of retirement obligations is oppressive. To avoid confessing to a complete disaster, they usually decide to cut benefits available to future employees, because governments can less readily rescind retirement benefits of workers who have already retired. This reduction in promised retirement income happens often enough that the […]

ABC-TV Charlotte: ACI Discusses Hidden Auto Fees


North Carolina has the only Rate Bureau system in the country that regulates auto insurance rates.  The outmoded regulatory regime imposes a hidden fee on good auto drivers to subsidy the rates of more risky auto drivers.  The issue has come up recently on several local TV stations, and most recently on ABC-affiliate WSOC in […]

Government Default – It’s Going Around


At the end of June 2015, Puerto Rico’s governor announced the Commonwealth was unable to repay the $72 billion in bonds and obligations it has amassed.  The debt load owed by the 3.6 million Puerto Ricans is $20,000 per capita.  In comparison, the current debt crisis in Greece is more severe at $28,475 in per […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Student Loan Defaults

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For most graduating from high school, the best prospects for long-term self-sufficiency lie on the other side of college graduation. The odds are even better if the field of study lies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and better yet if the student earns a post-graduate shingle. But financing a college graduation is difficult […]

ACI in the Dallas Morning News

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Texas’ success and growth are largely due to its diverse and largely healthy economy, including a retail sector that, according to the Texas Retailers Association, has about 107,000 retail establishments and employs over 1.9 million Texans. Yet unlike some of its peers, this industry and the consumers it serves remain unnecessarily threatened. According to a […]