Physician Control over Electronic Health Records

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Technical questions on how to build and store an electronic health record (EHR) are trivial compared with the more visceral issues of who should own it, what it should contain, and who can input into it.  By 2012, 70% of physicians had faced those questions, made tentative decisions, and taken on an EHR system. Today, […]

Affordable Care by the Numbers?

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Although The Affordable Care Act became law in March 2010, its major impacts on the public are still being rescheduled.  While the individual mandate to obtain “adequate” healthcare coverage applies to adults and their family members starting in March 2014, employers’ obligation to offer that coverage has become a moveable feast.  Unfortunately “adequate” means whatever […]

Unaffordable Care Act: An Expensive Political Monument

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The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reported on January 28th 2014 that healthcare costs are a crushing burden on about a quarter of US families.  Perhaps the “1 in 4” quantification is the main value in the report, because acknowledging healthcare as a financial burden is too obvious. NCHS chose not to highlight the […]

If It Were Not So Serious, We’d Be Laughing


Your Assignment: Hire and train enough $15/hour subject matter experts to enroll 30 million Americans in Obamacare by the 6 month deadline starting one week ago. This assignment probably cannot save Obamacare from slipping even further behind. But, to encourage pursuit of this unicorn, 100 nonprofits have been contracted to train Obamacare “navigators” who will […]

The Big World of Government Subsidies — Where’s My Ride Voucher?

If you were working hard and caring for your family you might have missed some federal subsidies that parallel consumers’ spending.  The Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2011, shows an average household spent $64,000 and the top seven categories account for 87% of it.  Except for vehicle-related and entertainment, the federal government already offers subsidies in […]

ACI in the Tallahassee Democrat–Explaining Obamacare’s Impact on Floridians

Obamacare in Florida – It ‘Coulda Been a Contender Many Floridians are confused by the Obamacare health care system.  State officials have worked for three years to refine Obamacare for Florida’s needs, yet availability, price and the transition from today’s system remain unsettled. The question — “Can I keep my existing health plan?” — […]

Selling Obamacare: The Dog Food No One Wants to Eat

Separate strategies are needed in promotion and sales to succeed with buyer-prospects at different stages along the consumer experience.  Neophytes usually haven’t acknowledged any “needs” that the product can satisfy.  Until they are convinced they need the product, price is just a deadweight obstacle.  On the other hand, experienced buyers look for product attributes relevant […]

The Politically Perverted New War on Drugs

Washington’s self-styled morality police are mugging for the camera while their agents intimidate suffering patients and prosecute physicians.  To distract from the brutality, they use high dollar word weasels to make it politically correct. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has instructed its Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to retarget the war on drugs and skip over […]