Senate Needs to Keep a Tax Free Internet


Last week, after several years of attempts, the House finally voted to pass the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. The bill would prohibit taxing access to the Internet at the state, local and Federal levels. The current ban on Internet taxation ends in just a bit over three months from today.  Therefore, it is important […]

Balkanizing the Internet

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The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the toppling domino that led to World War One.   The assassin’s action merely added to centuries of resentment and tension which made the Balkan nations ready to consider war.  Likewise, Edward Snowden is not accountable for the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance of US citizens’ communications nor for its […]

The Right to Revise Personal History

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The European Court of Justice requires Internet search firms to accommodate requests from the pubic who want a story removed from search results when the story links to personal information that is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.” This new right is usually called the “right to be forgotten.” Google has removed search access to an […]

The Coming Battle over Encrypt-Decrypt Certification

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With disturbing frequency, cyberattacks on government institutions, infrastructure and commercial firms are being reported.  Attacks on government agencies seem to emanate from nation-state rivals such as Russia, China, and Iran.  The attacks are usually probes for intelligence on military strength or for design data on advanced military technologies.  Russia used this strategy to monitor Ukrainian […]

ACI in Forbes


ACI has an article that discusses how two issues — the imposition of net neutrality regulations and the end of the  Internet Tax Moratorium – will lead to sharp increases in Internet taxes and a devastating impact on consumers.  To the read the article, “A Perfect Storm: Net Neutrality and the End of the Internet Tax Moratorium,” see […]

Our “Connection” to Wireless Services

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A new survey confirms Americans’ reliance on wireless services as a key component enabling them to earn a living, study, and socially communicate.  The online study by McLaughlin & Associates and partnered with Penn Schoen Berland was conducted during May 23-28, 2014 for and covers likely voters with wireless services.  Overall, the results show […]

Mergers and Consumer Interests

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Keeping pace with the onslaught of new technology has always been a battle for old-wave telecom companies. Recently, it seems mergers and acquisitions have been the primary weapon in the fight to stay relevant. That certainly seems to be the case for AT&T, as they took a (proposed) giant leap forward in their offerings on […]

ACI on Net Neutrality in the Daily Caller: A Seductive Political Euphemism


At the end of 2012, there were 634 million websites scattered across the world.  In the US, physical connections to websites are carried by dozens of commercial backbone operators and large last mile ISPs (Internet Service Providers), such as those using cellular, satellite, cable, fiber or plain old copper.  As well, there are hundreds of […]

Net Neutrality Hypocracy: Preventing Competition by Internet Regulation


Here is our latest piece in Real Clear Policy Most of the Internet giants are supportive of net neutrality, or open Internet, rules—companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Net neutrality would supposedly protect the equality of traffic, ensuring that all content on the Internet is treated equally. The fear, so they claim, is […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Costs of Net Neutrality


In a rare moment of transparency and true representative governance, FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler spent a day in front of elected officials. At a recent hearing before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Wheeler was subject to a fair amount of criticism, most of which revolved around his recently proposed new rules to enforce […]