Don’t Tax the Internet: Groups Write Letter to Congress

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A diverse group of nonprofit organizations sent a letter to congress today expressing concern over the pending expiration of the Internet tax moratorium.  A bill has been proposed to make the moratorium permanent, but failure to pass this bill would mean high taxes on Internet access services for consumers, perhaps on the scale that is currently […]

Taxing the Internet is a Bad Idea


For over 15 years, American’s have enjoyed untaxed access to the Internet, thanks in part to the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998, which provided that no entry point to the Internet could be taxed. Congress at that time understood the importance of keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible, giving as many […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Netflix Free Lunch

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Last month, Netflix announced an agreement whereby it would pay Comcast to boost Internet speed and reliability for the companies’ joint customers. Soon after, Netflix said it would be entering into similar agreements with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This comes after years of struggle between Netflix and other content providers and the ISPs, with […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy: Regulators — Take Your Foot Off The Brake


This piece, written by ACI president Steve Pociask, discusses the best way to get broadband services to be faster, cheaper, better and more innovative.  He writes: “If you want broadband providers to put on the gas, regulators need to get their foot off the brake.”  His piece explains why and can be read in Real Clear Policy.

You Should Not Assume Privacy

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Privacy invasions by federal agencies have been widely covered.  Their intrusions were known to the Hill and White House, although our representatives were atypically silent on the issue.  Thousands in DC who had not been briefed understood that email scanning and the capture of telephone metadata were possible, even likely on a massive scale.  As […]

Net Neutrality Hypocrisy and Government Toll Roads


Large sellers with attractive video packages want reinstatement of Net Neutrality so they can continue wedging bandwidth-intense content down broadband lanes.  One might think that video packagers like Google (market cap $395 billion), Netflix (market cap $24 billion), Viacom ($37 billion) and Disney ($128 billion) are not delicate startups in need of subsidized bandwidth. Despite […]

IP Transition: Out with the Old


The FCC announced last week that they’ll begin testing the transition away from old, legacy-based copper-wired telephone systems to a new digital Internet protocol (IP) system. This new transition, in discussion for some time, will allow telephone companies to propose trials and new plans for an eventual switch to an all IP-based system. The goal […]