Good Email Housekeeping vs Destroying Evidence

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From time to time, I delete a selection of my saved emails and saved files. That good housekeeping makes it easier to find the best article references, article outlines, notes from family and financial documents. My retained files are chosen by their importance, not by date or sender. I don’t wittingly break the law or […]

ACI Calls on FCC to Reject Text Messaging Regulations

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The FCC is currently accepting comments on a petition that seeks the application of 1930s-style common carrier regulations on text messaging services. Today, ACI called on the FCC to reject the petition.  The following is an except of ACI’s filing with the FCC: Comments of the American Consumer Institute The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) is […]

Forbes: Questions for the FCC


The disaster that is this Administration’s growing effort to regulate the Internet will be on full display at tomorrow’s Congressional hearing. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will no doubt put the best face possible on these policies, which include overregulation of the Internet’s private networks, impending price regulation of business broadband and cherry-picking winners at next […]

5G Wireless Supports a Sturdier Internet


Five years from now, we can expect an Internet landscape with sturdier footings, so long as new Internet regulations and taxes can be held kept to a minimum.  The ongoing build out of fiber optics will continue and newer technologies such as 5G wireless, cloud services, encryption and the Internet of Things (IoT) will make […]

The Internet of Things Needs Public Policy Decisions


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of internet-connected devices that receive or send information, even without a human directing what they do.  The nearly 5 billion already-interconnected things include the Apple Watch, bank ATMs, remote weather stations, traffic cameras, street security cameras, home security systems, baby monitors, parking meters, pipeline flow monitors, factory-floor […]

Privacy, Safety and Encryption

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In the abstract, consumers welcome privacy but we also acknowledge that real-world tradeoffs may be inevitable between privacy and safety.  Most of us are at peace with surveillance of telephone and electronic records of suspected criminals or foreign spies.  If law enforcement lacks the information needed to target and halt unlawful threats, the public can […]

Letter to Congress Supporting Online Consumer Reviews

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ACI signed on with R-Street and the Institute for Liberty to send a letter to the Senate in support of consumer rights to provide online reviews and feedback — on restaurants, hotels and local providers — without the threat of being sued.  Consumers benefit from these reviews and such opinions should not be stifled by […]