Regulations Could Soon Increase Your Broadband Prices


This piece, written for the American Enterprise Institute’s Tech Policy Daily blog explains why regulating broadband service providers like public utilities will guarantee that consumers will pay substantially more for their broadband services.  To read or print the piece, visit the AEI’s TechPolicyDaily.Com.

Proof: Regulating the Internet Means Consumers Pay More


The American Consumer Institute sent an Ex Parte letter to the commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission explaining how the proposed reclassification of broadband services from an “information service” to a “telecommunications service” under Title II regulations would subject broadband services to a full array of new taxes, which means that consumers will be paying substantially more for their broadband services.  A PDF of […]

The Hill: FCC Regulations Almost Killed the Internet

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Did you know that old, monopoly-style regulations almost killed the Internet a couple of decades ago?  Now, a proposal being considered at the FCC might come back to these “common carrier” regulations.  To read ACI’s newest piece, visit The Hill’s Congressional Blog.

Don’t Remove the Internet’s Bulletproof Vest


Compared to Internet services and technologies, no other sector has created so many well-paying jobs, engendered so much labor productivity, and freed consumers to work, learn, shop, enjoy and care for each other. The internet has been our express train for sharing developments in education, health care, finance, retailing, publishing, and entertainment. The Internet reaches […]

A Two-Prong Tax Attack on Wireless Consumers


Taxes on your wireless services remain at all an all-time high — 10 percent higher than taxes on other goods and services — and without some close attention from fair-minded legislators, these wireless-service taxes will continue to place an unfair and discriminatory cost burden on consumers, particularly the poor and underprivileged. And things could get […]

Federal Agencies Squabble Over Privacy Turf

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Over the tenure of his administration, President Obama has been promising to reach the remaining few percent of folks that currently don’t have access to broadband Internet. His aptly titled “National Broadband Plan” is slated to cost as much as $350 billion and hasn’t yet provided the service level people expected. As a result the […]

ACI in Real Clear Policy

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As wireless broadband grow continues to outpace the spectrum available, there are risks of congestion and poorer service.  The FCC, Congress and the President have pledged to get more spectrum online as soon as possible.  This article, written by Alan Daley discusses an easy source of Wi-Fi spectrum.