Internet Command and Control Regulation


As many observers know by now, the FCC is contemplating reclassifying the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act, which would make the Internet a public utility rather than its current classification of Title I, which applies to information services. The FCC’s reply comments for this proceeding ended this Wednesday. Though net neutrality proponents […]

FCC Filing: Evidence of Harm from Net Neutrality


Yesterday, The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) filed reply comments to the FCC’s Open Internet proceeding (GN 14-28 and GN 09-191). The reply was filed with four attachments (studies) that provide evidence of the harm that onerous regulations would have on Internet consumers. While the text is pasted below, ACI’s full filing […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Cyber-Lessee

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Cyber skills can provide countries with aggressive capabilities disproportionately greater than their population or GDP. The US tries to cloak its cyber prowess in silence, somewhat like China and Russia.  Smaller actors such as South Korea and Iran either want others to know or they ineptly cover their tracks. Some nations such as Israel and […]

The Consumer Costs of Net Neutrality

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Proponents of regulating Internet services and service providers, called net neutrality, have seen their cause take a hit in recent months, but that’s not stopping them from finding other avenues to impose their favored regulations. In January, a DC Appeals court struck down the FCCs net neutrality rules, saying they weren’t permissible for companies that […]

Consumers Pay for FCC Arrogance

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In an auction of underused TV spectrum coming next spring, the FCC was tasked by Congress to repurpose TV channels into wireless broadband so that consumers’ voracious demand can be satisfied while prices are kept at affordable levels. The FCC’s auction is supposed to accomplish five things at once: first, encourage mobile wireless service operators […]

Time for a Permanent Internet Tax Moratorium


A coalition of 42 companies, primarily independent nonprofit think tanks, sent a letter to the U.S. Senate calling for passage of a permanent Internet tax moratorium.  Failure for Congress to act in the next 60 days will lead to increased taxes for Internet consumers.  To read or print the letter, click here.  

Municipal Broadband Failure

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For years now, many city and local governments have gotten into the municipal broadband game—spending taxpayer dollars to create broadband networks that hope to compete with private providers. The goal of these programs was to build an Internet service that replaces the need for private investment, usually with the help municipal tax dollars. The municipal […]

Easy to Build But Prone to Serious Losses

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With enough IT engineering talent, equipment, and access to an Internet network access point or other interconnection agreements, any community can build a government broadband network.  With a coherent and stable set of goals, and with the right quality and amount of management and technical staff, anyone can operate a community broadband network.  But that’s […]

ACI Files Comments on FCC Petition

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The FCC is considering a petition filed by two municipal-run broadband networks that asked the FCC to preempt state laws that limit the expansion of government-owed networks.  Today, ACI filed its comments pointing out how many of these networks are mismanaged, unprofitable and costly for consumers and taxpayers, as well as posing anticompetitive risks.  ACI’s comments are filed with the […]