Forbes: Postal Monopoly Abuse

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A new study by a former US Department of Commerce official confirms something that many observers have long concluded – the US Postal Service overcharges its monopoly customers and then uses these proceeds to subsidize unregulated services in direct competition with the private sector. The study, conducted by economist Robert Shapiro, finds consumers are overpaying […]

Retirement Disasters Paid From Your Pocket

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For some state and local governments, the weight of retirement obligations is oppressive. To avoid confessing to a complete disaster, they usually decide to cut benefits available to future employees, because governments can less readily rescind retirement benefits of workers who have already retired. This reduction in promised retirement income happens often enough that the […]

Labor Day: Who Actually Pulls the Communal Cart?

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Each Labor Day is marked by parades, picnics, ball games, barbecues for family and friends, and perhaps fireworks.   In between these colorful spectacles, a few with a taste for history might steer the conversation toward thanking labor unions for their early role in improving working conditions. Today’s heroes – those who fund national defense and […]

Retirees in the Crosshairs: ACI’s Daily Caller Piece

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Thinking of retiring in a few years? Beware of what is likely to come. Government has created a massive, new and costly benefit called the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At the same time, government has been burnishing existing programs to rapidly convert people into beneficiaries. Taxpayers will soon be hijacked to pay the unprecedented costs, […]

School Sales Tax Holidays Versus Serious Tax Improvements


Seventeen states are offering a temporary exemption from sales tax on student’s classroom items. If local news doesn’t cover it promptly, it’s too late because the tax holiday is usually just for 3 days. The tax exempted is normally the combined local and state sales tax. The duration, scope and retail value limits narrow the […]

ACI in Forbes: Net Regs Mean Less Investment and Jobs; Higher Taxes


Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its open Internet order. The order imposes new Internet regulations, commonly referred to as “net neutrality regulations,” and it reclassifies the Internet from a lightly regulated information service to a more heavily regulated “common carrier” telecommunications service. That reclassification puts broadband Internet services into the same regulatory category […]

Government’s Share in the Sharing Economy


The “sharing economy” is a fanciful name for one version of commonplace independent contractor arrangements.  “Sharing” eludes to the multiparty use of an asset such as car or house bought by an individual (or small group).  Intermediaries such as UBER, Airbnb, or Peers provide promotional and booking services to the asset owner in return for […]

ACI in the Hill: Do the Right Thing; Protect the Internet

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An important bill for American consumers has arrived in the Senate.  Senators can vote to protect consumers by passing The Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act (S. 431).  It is a clean, straightforward bill that tracks the consumers’ interest and it deserves quick consideration and handling. Last year, a similar bill reached the Senate after arriving […]

ACI in Forbes: FCC’s Tax and Subsidy Plan


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is contemplating a new universal service program that would subsidize broadband services for low-income consumers, and it is looking to use its Lifeline program, which currently subsidizes low-income telephone service consumers, as the model to follow.  However, a closer look at the history of the billion-plus Lifeline program shows a wasteful […]