ACI Participates in ITERA Conference


The Telecommunications and Information Technology Conference,  whose institutional members consist of twenty major U.S. universities, addressed a variety of science, engineering, educational management, network, privacy, security and other network issues at its eleventh annual conference in Washington, DC on March 27th to 28th of this year.  ACI president, Steve Pociask participated on a panel that discussed the […]

Can a Machine Commit a Crime?


Any real answer leads to the obligations of the designers of devices and systems.  When one of the emerging “driverless cars” collides or harms passengers, who is at fault?  When a current-day extortionist software freezes your laptop files, who is at fault?  The designers and those who deploy the devices are at fault.  But, what […]

Patent Litigation: Slow, Costly, Error-Prone

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A few insightful studies of intellectual property abuses and patent infringement defenses have highlighted the role of patent trolls and patent pools. The litigation between patent holders and those accused of infringement is resolved in district courts where large, unproductive process costs and awards eventually hit consumers. Part of these problems seems to be fostered […]

Second Attempt at Privacy and Justice

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Senators Hatch, Coons and Heller have introduced the LEADs Act in the Senate. The bill would establish a framework for how the U.S. government can access data stored abroad during the course of a criminal investigation.  Alan Daley’s new piece, published in today’s Daily Caller, discusses why this bill is so important in protects U.S. economic interests abroad.   

Decryption versus Track Record Issues

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Actions by Facebook, Google and Apple have made it very difficult, perhaps impossible, for law enforcement and NSA to obtain the content of cell-phone calls and Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging. The moves were technically simple, but required a marketing decision that they would gain more in public approval for supporting privacy than they would lose through […]

When Creative Destruction Strikes Near Home


Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports on new jobs, unemployment and other measures about the labor force.  At least 200,000 new jobs per month are needed to keep pace with labor force growth.  But that paints an incomplete picture.  The quality of jobs created and lost each month matters a lot.  Well-paying […]

ACI Statement on the Upcoming Cybercrime Hearing

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On January 27, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade will host a hearing to discuss solutions to the ever-growing problem of cybercrime. The Committee has recognized the need for a solution that could help alleviate the consequences consumers face in the event of a data breach. Chip and PIN technology is one such […]