ACI in Real Clear Policy: Waiting Until the Cyber Damage Is Done

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The cyber intrusions we face are serious. Civilian cyber-criminals inflict problems ranging from nuisances to theft, as happened at Target and Adobe. Now the curious Heartbleed vulnerability inconveniences consumers, requiring extensive password replacements. Less known but more serious are cyber-attacks by nation states, which threaten our economic vigor and the functioning of our infrastructure. China’s […]

The Hill’s Congress Blog: The Consumer Interest in Patent Pools


Aggressive litigation by patent trolls earned them notoriety over the past few years.  At last, bills with a chance of protecting consumers and the economy from unrestrained patent trolling are moving through Congress (S. 1720 and H.R. 3309).  While the focus of those bills is patent trolls, the bills should also tighten controls on patent […]

The Hill Congressional Blog: ACI on Problems with Patent Pools


A piece — written by Steve Pociask of ACI in today’s Hill Congressional Blog – discusses how some patent pools are increasing the price consumers pay for electronic goods.  To read the full piece visit —

You Should Not Assume Privacy

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Privacy invasions by federal agencies have been widely covered.  Their intrusions were known to the Hill and White House, although our representatives were atypically silent on the issue.  Thousands in DC who had not been briefed understood that email scanning and the capture of telephone metadata were possible, even likely on a massive scale.  As […]

Privacy in a Glass Aquarium

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If government agencies want to locate you, watch you, or follow your movements, conversations and writings, they have the tools to do it, and they won’t ask your permission.   Some of us remember a quaint concept called privacy. Agencies can usually discover your location and track your actions.  Cell phone GPS location tracking is routine […]

Cyber Policy – Harmony Worth Considering


Harmonized regulation of cyber-matters could achieve better results for the US and the EU.   Current clashes between US and EU rules on cyber privacy and security undermine US success in the EU.  It is difficult for internet commerce to simultaneously comply with incompatible sets of rules on consumer privacy and law enforcement. The disparate regulatory […]

The Genetically Modified Organisms Potboiler


American consumers have not yet developed firm opinions on the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their food.  Many are sympathetic toward better crop yields and insect resistance.  For others, GMO opposition is rooted in suspicion toward “tinkering with nature” or the popular pejorative “frankenfood.” Public attitudes aren’t yet shaped by a dispassionate assessment […]