The following statement can be attributed to Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding today’s the House of Representative’s vote to increase regulations on internet services:

“The passing of the “Save the Internet Act” in the House of Representatives today is not the innovative policy change the internet needs but rather a step backwards to the heavy-handed Title II regulations of a failed 2015 policy. The “Save the Internet Act” uses a 1934 statute of the Communications Act to give the federal government overbearing authority to dictate regulations that will negatively affect consumer services, provider costs, and investments — ultimately increasing consumer prices, hindering the timely deployment of services in rural areas, and impeding next generation innovation in infrastructure. These onerous regulations would open the door to new taxes and government control of Internet activity.

There are bipartisan solutions to net neutrality that do not involve outdated Title II regulations. The American Consumer Institute urges both chambers of Congress to work together and find solutions to update our laws and to ensure that American consumers continue to benefit from increased internet investments in connectivity, innovation, and services.”