Inside Sources: It’s Time for Congress to Reform the Flood Insurance Program

Lawmakers have until the end of May to debate meaningful reforms to the NFIP — the National Flood Insurance Program that has been in over $20 billion in debt (and growing) for many years. To fix that program, one positive legislative proposal would direct the NFIP to base premiums on a property’s replacement cost value, as […]

The Hill: Shutdown Should Focus Attention on Common-Sense Flood Insurance Reform

As the partial federal government shutdown drags on, numerous agencies have closed shop or are operating with a skeleton crew. That includes the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the government-run insurer intended to help Americans recover from floods. With more than 5.1 million policies providing over $1.3 trillion in coverage, the NFIP is by far […]

Daily Caller: Insurance Scam Causes Skyrocketing Insurance Rates For Florida Home Owners

Even before hurricanes hit Florida over the last two years, residents were seeing their homeowner’s insurance rates increase sharply for more than a decade year after year. The culprit for these increases surrounds scams by crooked contractors assisted by a cabal of trial attorneys.  You can read this op-ed by visiting the Daily Caller.

The Millennials’ Slow March into Home Buying

About 75 million Americans born between 1981 and 1996 (the Millennials) are following the Boomer generation (1946 to 1964), albeit with somewhat different attitudes, slower wealth accumulation, and delayed home ownership. Millennials are reputed to be a generation that is highly educated, self-confident, technologically savvy and ambitious.  Others have reported a tendency to being entitled, […]

Personal Stories Highlight Need for AOB Reform in Florida

Assignment of benefits (AOB) abuse is rampant in Florida, enriching shady contractors and unscrupulous attorneys while driving up home insurance premiums for consumers across the state. An AOB allows an insurance policyholder to transfer the rights to insurance benefits to a third party, such as a contractor, to speed up the billing process. The contractor […]

Panama City News Herald: Beware of Hurricane-Related Scams

Unfortunately for homeowners and business owners affected by Hurricane Michael, a new threat may be on the horizon. We should all be aware of assignment of benefits (AOB) schemes perpetrated by unscrupulous home repair companies and their lawyers. Insurers and consumer groups have spent years urging the Florida Legislature to curb AOB abuse. So far, […]

Credit Unions’ Tax Exemption Pays Off for Consumers

Banks Regularly question the legitimacy of credit unions’ exemption from federal taxes. The casual observer may wonder why credit unions, which take deposits and make loans, are treated differently for taxes purposes than are banks which perform like services. The justification comes from unique functions performed by credit unions. The exemption from taxation was explained […]

Consumers’ Access to Credit

During the past two years, American consumers have enjoyed vigorous economic growth.  Our second quarter GDP was 4.1%.  The beginning of November showed an annual wage growth rate of 3.1%, 7.4 million job openings, and an unemployment rate of 3.7%.  Those economic conditions welcome recent graduates and some of the marginally attached workers into employment. […]

Fort Meyers News Press: Home insurance provision driving up rates

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael’s destruction, Florida’s home insurance costs will soon be reaching an all-time high, but not primarily due to violent storms or exceptional levels of flooding. It’s being driven by the abuse of a Florida insurance provision called “Assignment of Benefits” or AOB. This entire article is available at the Fort […]

Sunshine State News: Bad Politics Blocks AOB Reform in Florida

Now that the elections are behind us, it is time for the Legislature to address the fraud that has increasingly pushed homeowner insurance rates higher each year. Florida is the nation’s top “judicial hellhole,” according to the American Tort Reform Foundation, and Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse is playing a big role in the dysfunction. […]