New Video: Does Nationalizing 5G Make Sense?

The idea of the U.S. military running 5G may seem a little far-fetched, but the Department of Defense recently published a Request for Information exploring ways in which it can own and operate a 5G network. With concerns being raised from members of Congress and industry experts alike, it is important to take a closer […]

ACI Files Comments to DoD RE Defense Spectrum Sharing RFI

Today, the American Consumer Institute submitted comments to Department of Defense (DoD), urging the DoD to reject any proposal for a nationalized 5G wireless network, as it would negatively impact consumers, taxpayers, innovation, and national security, as well as threaten U.S. leadership in the global digital economy.  The filed submission is available to the public.

Coalition Calls on the FCC to Deny MVDDS Petition

A request by the Multichannel Video and Data Distribution Service (MVDDS) industry has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow its current one-way service to be modified into a two-way service. However, this modification in service would likely create harmful interference that would disrupt operators in neighboring frequencies. For this reason, a coalition letter […]

Upcoming Webinar: Nationalizing 5G? Making Sense of This Proposal

Wed, Oct 21, 2020 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT The idea of nationalizing 5G seems to be resurfacing again, with DoD recently publishing a Request for Information exploring ways in which it can own and operate a 5G network. With concerns being raised from members of Congress and industry experts alike, it is important […]

Real Clear Policy: Nationalizing 5G Is Not the Way to Win

A bold article published by Axios two years ago that included leaked documents by a senior National Security Council official recommended a government-operated 5G network as a solution to win the 5G race. The idea of a government-built 5G network was met with loud resistance from industry experts. Back then, the idea did not go anywhere, as wireless providers […]

The End of the Internet? Net Neutrality Three Years On …

Three years on from the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order (RIFO), it is apparent that the apocalyptic claims have not materialized. RIFO has resulted in a considerable tangible benefit for consumers. Not only has broadband access increased for consumers, particularly for low income and rural consumers, so too has internet speed and capital investments in […]

Morning Consult: Implications of a Government-Run 5G Network

The Pentagon’s recent Request for Information resurfaces a costly and unfeasible idea that the Trump administration has considered in the past: a government-built and operated 5G network. Calls for a nationalized 5G network are motivated both by a national security and an economic component. Besides the obvious and concerning fact that it would require billions of new tax dollars […]

Real Clear Policy: Wireless Plans Shouldn’t Be Taxed So Hard

With the continuing dependence of Americans on their wireless providers, the high taxes imposed by the federal and state governments presents a significant burden on millions of Americans across the country and contributes to the continuation of America’s digital divide. If legislators and regulators are serious about enhancing accessibility and bridging the digital divide, they […]

Coalition Letter: Government Should Not Build and Run our 5G Network

Today, a large coalition of industry experts and think tanks sent a letter to Senator John Thune asking him to continue his opposition to the Department of Defense’s attempt to own and build a national 5G network. The letter cites, among other things, that the private sector is already building this network, and that this […]

Letter to Congress: House Hearing on FCC a Disappointment

Today’s hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives entitled “Trump FCC; Four Years of Lost Opportunities” overlooks all of the significant accomplishments of the five commissioners in the Federal Communications Commission, an independent government agency. We are deeply disappointed that the House has chosen to politicize these accomplishments. You can read the entire letter on […]