Pennsylvania Consumers Will Benefit from Cooperative 5G Siting Regulations

The next generation of broadband, 5G, runs as a wireless service about 70 times faster than today’s broadband network. The 5G network capacity will accommodate far more connections that are available today. In the wider community, 5G will support the operation of driverless vehicles to transport people and goods. Telemedicine will operate between clinics, patients […]

FCC Renews Its Charter for the Consumer Advisory Committee

Today, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission announced the renewal of the charter of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, the appointment of members for the  two-year term, and the Committee’s next meeting. The announcement selected 25 groups and individuals to participate on the committee and appointed Steve Pociask, president of ACI, as the Committee’s […]

American Consumer Institute Statement on H.R. 1644, “Save the Internet Act”

The following statement can be attributed to Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute, regarding today’s the House of Representative’s vote to increase regulations on internet services: “The passing of the “Save the Internet Act” in the House of Representatives today is not the innovative policy change the internet needs but rather a step […]

Russian Propagandists Use Social Media to Inflict Cyber Harm on Americans

Most Americans are aware of Russia’s internet meddling with the reputation of candidates in the 2016 Presidential election. In the run up to election day in 2016, slanderous remarks were posted by trolls posing as opponents to Hillary Clinton. Other trolls posted character attacks on Presidential candidate Trump. Both sides urged readers to vehemently contradict […]

Georgia Consumers Will Benefit From Cooperative 5G Siting Regulations

Governor Kemp has a bill to sign in Georgia, if encouraging the next generation of broadband, 5G, is important to his state. It should be and here is what is at stake. 5G is a wireless service about 70 times faster than today’s broadband network. The 5G network capacity will accommodate far more connections that […]

Coalition Sends FCC Letter in Support of KidVid Programming Reforms

ACI joined a coalition  letter to the Federal Communications Commission in support of its pending Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding its so-called “KidVid” regulations. With the advent of the internet and the significant transformations in the children’s video programming marketplace in recent decades, the current rules governing children’s educational program is ripe for reform and […]

Inside Sources: Lawmakers Are Rolling Up Their Sleeves to Legislate Privacy, but Are They Getting It Right?

Congress has less than 10 months until CCPA and other state legislation kicks in to figure out an optimal solution for protecting the online privacy of American consumers. The current patchwork of state privacy laws has not served Americans well, and it’s threatening to become more confusing and complex for businesses to thrive and consumers […]