Municipal Wi-Fi: A Proven Failure

In late 2007, the cities of Mooresville and Davidson, North Carolina outbid several private companies to purchase an ailing broadband provider in the area. The newly socialized service required that the city borrow more than $92 million to fund the acquisition.  Meanwhile, government officials claimed the plan would bring equality in access and increased revenue […]

Statement on the Deal Reached between Connecticut’s Attorney General and Google Regarding Consumer Privacy Violation Claims

ACI was very pleased to see that Google will be held accountable for its alleged violations of consumers’ privacy that have resulted from their collection of data from Street View.  As all consumers become increasingly concerned about privacy issues on the Internet, the extent and multitude of reported instances involving Google may suggest systematic problems […]

FTC Drops Privacy Inquiry against Google: A Statement by ACI

FTC Drops Privacy Inquiry against Google: A Statement by Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute October 28, 2010 America’s consumers should be extremely disturbed that the Federal Trade Commission has chosen to let Google off lightly on the serious charge of collecting sensitive personal information from consumers, potentially names, addresses, emails, passwords and usernames. Thirty-eight state […]

Google Violated Privacy Laws – collecting emails, passwords, Medical Information, According to Canadian Commissioner

A must read article by Juliana Gruenwald of Tech Daily Dose — “Canada Finds Google Violated Privacy Laws” — available here.  The article explains that, in its efforts to collect information on Wi-Fi spots, Google collected personal consumer information, including names, addresses, emails, passwords, usernames and telephone numbers.  The article mentions that other sensitive information was also collected from consumer […]