Money Saving Tips for Consumers


This ConsumerGram is the third and final report in our series of consumer tips.  In this ConsumerGram, we list few small steps can result in a big energy savings for consumers. 


The following are important tips to save money and help the environment:


·         For General Lighting, Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.

o        Compact fluorescent bulbs, which priced 2 to 3 times more than general incandescent bulbs, last 10 to 13 times longer, making them the cheaper alternative for general lighting.

o        In addition to the direct savings of the light bulb, compact fluorescent bulbs can reduce your electricity costs by about $10 per bulb per year.  In other words, the average consumer can save about $600 over the next 5-years, if they replace one dozen light bulbs in their house.

o        Please note that compact fluorescent bulbs are not appropriate for recessed lighting and special compact fluorescents should be used for dimmers.  Otherwise, they are a suitable alternative for general purpose lighting.


·         Unplug Rechargers.  Rechargers do not have an on/off switch.  So, when you plug them in the wall, they will always use electricity.  With the proliferation of rechargers for iPods, cell phones, games, tools and other products, a well-connected household could save $750 over the next 5 years by just unplugging the recharger when charging is complete.


·         Use Electrical Power Strips.  If unplugging a recharger is a hassle, use a power strip.  Also, power strips should be used on appliances and entertainment units (including your television set) which continue to draw power when off or in standby.  This will enable you to turn the electricity off at the source


·         Always Turn Off Your Computer at Night.


Besides being good for the environment, these tips, as well as the others in our previous two reports, have provided you with ways your can save thousands of dollars over the next five years.