NYC Council Bill Gives Consumer Privacy Away

The New York City Council proposed a bill that would require food delivery services to give customer information to restaurants with no restriction on its use, retention, or resale. ACI’s Director Kris Pusok sent a letter to the NYC Council today explaining  why protecting consumer information should be paramount, and that the proposal would simply be […]

Infrastructure Proposal: Coalition Letter to Congress on Broadband Spending

Regarding developments in the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations on broadband, ACI joined with a number of other groups calling on Congress to avoid provisions that would enact price controls, dramatically expand agency authority, and favor government-controlled internet networks. The letter also asked Congress to continue its oversight responsibilities and not abdicate them to the executive branch […]

How Startups and Innovation Benefit from Preserving Employment Freedom for Independent Workers – with John Chisholm

The modern workforce is changing. Technology is making it easier for people of all education, skills, and income levels to be part of the sharing economy as independent contractors. Yet, several regulatory and legislative initiatives expose the long-term viability of this working arrangement and the benefits it provides. In this episode, John Chisholm, entrepreneur, CEO, […]

Coalition Urges Congress Not to Expand Spending into Wasteful and Ineffective Housing Programs

Housing affordability is an immediate, everyday concern for millions of Americans nationwide, particularly for those who choose to live in densely populated urban areas. However, the issue of affordable housing stems from government-manufactured restrictions on supply, fees, restrictive zoning, and other government-imposed burdens. Before considering a major expansion of the housing choice voucher program, we […]

ACI Submits Testimony on Massachusetts Legislation That Would Raise Consumer Prices for the Financial Benefit of Dealerships

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, Bill Hearing, An Act further regulating business practices between motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and distributors – S239 Testimony of Krisztina Pusok, Ph.D., Director, American Consumer Institute, Washington, D.C. Chairperson and Members of the Committee, on behalf of the American Consumer Institute (ACI), I […]

Letter to the FDA: Remove Unsafe Hand Sanitizers From the Market

Dr. Theresa Michele: The American Consumer Institute (ACI) was founded with the mission to promote consumer welfare by improving the understanding and impact that public policies and regulations have on consumers in a free market. It is with this mission in mind that we are writing to you today to inform you of a serious […]

Coalition Calls on Congress to Refrain from Giving State AGs Unnecessary Antitrust Funding

In this coalition letter, we ask Congress to reject a recent request from attorneys general of 45 states for an increase in federal funding for state antitrust enforcement activities. Despite dire predictions, California, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and numerous other states are reporting large budget surpluses and do not need additional federal resources. Congress should be prudent […]

ACI Joins Coalition Letter in Support of Biosimilar Competition

Today, ACI joined over two dozen groups in sending a letter to Congress in support of legislation that would increase competition for biologic drugs as a means to lower drug prices for patients. On behalf of millions of patients, providers, and taxpayers, we strongly support promoting the use of affordable and safe biosimilars across the […]

FCC Chairman Announces Consumer Advisory Committee Members

Today, the Federal Communications Commission released a Public Notice announcing the full membership of the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), and the group’s first meeting date. The American Consumer Institute will continue its participation on the CAC with Steve Pociask as Chair for the group. You can read the full notice here.

Prospects of A Federal Data Privacy Law – with Cameron Kerry

The U.S. currently has no comprehensive national law governing data collection and privacy, and while experts in Washington have been calling for federal data privacy legislation for a while now, we’ve seen very little movement on this issue in Congress. In the absence of federal regulation, more states are advancing their own data privacy bills. In […]