Misconceptions About Inflation

As Americans continue to grapple with high inflation, it is worth examining how we got here and addressing some of the common misconceptions and misleading headlines about what is actually driving inflation.  When the first signs of inflation began to appear in early April 2021, America was still coming out of what had been an […]

Report Reveals 340B Program in Serious Need of Reform

A new report from the nonprofit public policy organization Pioneer Institute sheds new light on the recent failings of the Federal 340B Drug Discount Program. This 1992-era program was originally designed to provide “comprehensive services” to vulnerable populations by requiring that drug companies sell certain products to eligible healthcare clinics and hospitals at a 20-50% […]

As Congress Stalls on Data Privacy, Americans Lose Out

2022 promised great things for data privacy. High-profile cyberattacks and a bipartisan consensus that Congress ought to act had commentators predicting a federal data standard was a real possibility. However, political headwinds, midterms, and other priorities have conspired against such a standard, and prospects now appear remote. Unfortunately, Americans lose out without a unified federal […]

Consumers Would Benefit from State Bans on Copay Adjustment Programs

Last month, the Ohio House Legislature voted unanimously 89-0 to end a controversial practice known as accumulator adjustment, or copay adjustment, that Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and insurance companies use to restrict patient access to drug manufacturers provided copay coupons used to help meet their deductibles. Should the bill be approved by the Ohio Senate, […]

Study Reveals How Price Controls Harmed Biopharma Industry in Europe

Europe has long taken a stricter regulatory approach to the Pharmaceutical industry than the U.S. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of price controls. Europe has been zealous in its application of price-caps on prescription medicines in an effort to hold down drug prices. Unfortunately, these policies frequently lead to sharp declines […]

ACI Files Comments with the FTC Regarding PBM Business Practices and their Impact on Drug Prices

The Federal Trade Commission is currently collecting public comments on the “Business Practices of Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Their Impact on Independent Pharmacies and Consumers.” Today ACI filed its comments with the FTC. The comments are available here.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Drive High Drug Prices

Most consumers are probably aware of the growing problem of high drug prices in America today. From the high cost of drugs needed for everyday ailments, to specific prescription plans that require expensive copays and deductibles, Americans pay an unnecessarily high price for their medication. However, what they are probably unaware of is how Pharmacy […]

The Economic Standard: Cap on Travel Nurse Pay Is Bad for Patients

Travel nursing has become a booming industry across America in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While hospitals struggle with staff retention, a growing number of nurses are turning their skills into the travel nursing industry to meet its growing demand. There is now an estimated number of 50,000 travel nurses in the U.S., though […]

States are Right to Consider Removing Taxes on Groceries

As Americans continue to grapple with the reality of high inflation and surging food prices, a record number of states are moving to alleviate some of that burden at the grocery store. Over the last few months, legislators in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia have proposed either lowering or eliminating their state’s sales […]

The Economic Standard: Consumers Find Savings in High-Speed Internet but GONs Threaten to Erase Progress

As the price of most consumer goods continues to rise nationally, one bright spot for the American consumer is the decreasing price of high-speed internet. However, government intervention threatens to undo that. A new study released in February by the independent research organization BroadbandNow, finds that the average cost of broadband service has declined significantly […]