FreightWaves: How Forced Access Can Harm Consumers: Q&A With Steve Pociask

Rail shippers face the potential for new regulations. One specifically, would require railroads to share their privately-owned infrastructure. One skeptic of this regulation is Steve Pociask, an economist with the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, a nonprofit think tank that aims to examine how public policy impacts consumers. He co-authored an October 2021 report with Liam […]

Departed FTC Commissioners Should Not Have a Commission Vote

From October 1, 2021 to October 8, 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allowed the departed-Commissioner Rohit Chopra to vote via email as many as twenty times on Agency actions. The following coalition letter to Congress points to the lack of public transparency, calling for a Congressional investigation. That coalition letter is available online.

DOJ Should Dismiss the Airline Antitrust Suit

When antitrust issues make the news, it is usually centered around lawmakers and federal regulators seeking to reign in the power of big tech. However, despite the laser focus on big tech, the airline industry has also been in the crosshairs of antitrust enforcers, notably the Northeast Alliance Agreement between American Airlines and Jet Blue. […]

Real Clear Policy: Strangling Generic Drugs is the Wrong Path to Lower Prices

Lowering drug prices is a public policy objective that everyone can agree on. About 18 million patients can’t afford their prescribed medications, according to a recent poll, including nearly 1 in 5 members of the poorest households. Unfortunately, Congress’ plan to control pharmaceutical prices consists of half-baked proposals that would do serious harm to consumers, including the decimation […]

Does CHEGG Deserve a Pass?

The following is a statement from Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute: “In a recent Heard on the Street column (“Chegg Deserves a Pass”), Jinjoo Lee cites a strong balance sheet and significant international growth prospects as sources of confidence for investors in the wake of the company’s brutal third quarter earnings results. […]

Town Hall: IRS Snooping Could Imperil Consumer Data

Arguably one of the most concerning provisions in the Democrats’budget reconciliation package is enabling the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to look into American’s bank accounts if they have deposits greater than $10,000, excluding salaries, each year. Not only does this provision represent a flagrant violation of privacy and a constitutional right to unreasonable search and seizures, […]

Washington Times: Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ has a Little Slave Labor Problem

U.S. taxpayer dollars should not boost the profits of companies that are facilitating slave labor or building and operating concentration camps. America can build back better without resorting to the help of slave drivers and their accomplices. Unfortunately, the President’s colleagues in Congress are doing their very best to cut loopholes for the very worst. You can […]

The Economic Standard: Proprietary Colleges Crackdowns Will Harm Students

Over the past ten years, proprietary colleges have become the boogeyman of the modern American education system. Critics routinely contend that these institutions “frequently charge their students too much in tuition while delivering too little in education and opportunities.” As a result federal regulators have proposed several regulations that would discriminate against proprietary schools, harm traditionally underserved […]

Minneapolis’s Proposed Ordinance Would Undercut Food Delivery Services

The following is a statement from ACI Director, Krisztina Pusok, regarding the Minneapolis City Council’s proposed ordinance that would undercut food delivery services and economic recovery: “We are very concerned with the repercussions that the proposed ordinance 2021-00906 could have on consumers and restaurants in Minneapolis. The proposal, which would cap the fees third-party platforms can […]

ACI Files Testimony with The Department of Education Regarding Proprietary Colleges

As advocates for quality education and school choice for all Americans, we commend the Department’s efforts to safeguard the quality of educational options available to students. When it comes to considering any changes to the 90/10 rule, we urge you to consider the full extent of ramifications that could potentially be at odds with the […]