Real Clear Energy: There’s No Celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act

While including a variety of progressive agenda items such as an expansion of the Affordable Care Act, a 15% corporate minimum tax on book income, and a 1% excise tax on corporate stock buybacks, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is laden with expensive green energy provisions that will do little to help consumers heat their homes this […]

ACI Files Comments on a Proposed New York City Tolling Program

This week, the American Consumer Institute (ACI) filed comments in response to the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority’s proposed central business district tolling program. ACI’s filing calls for the proposal to include an exemption or discount for city residents and rideshare drivers, which will be heavily penalized by the proposed tolls. The full filing […]

Administration Sends Mixed Signals on Energy

It’s no secret that the Biden Administration is trying desperately to reduce inflationary pressures. The administration faces special scrutiny in the energy sector, which has seen prices increase over 30 percent compared to this time last year. However, while the president has called on oil producers to lower gas prices, his policies have consistently contradicted this goal and […]

Radio Interview: The Sticker Shock of Inflation

In this radio interview, ACI’s Tirzah Duren shares the findings in our recent inflation report with Rush to Reason’s John Rush, explaining how government stimulus and excessive regulation have led to inflation and a reduction in Americans’ purchasing power. Click here to listen to the radio interview.

New ACI Report: Recent Causes of Inflation and Adverse Consequences for Consumers

Consumers agree that the biggest problem facing the United States is inflation, as record price increases have made it harder for families to make ends meet. This report outlines the factors that created an inflationary spiral and what can be done to help lower prices for consumers. The report’s highlights include: Increased government spending and […]

Report Finds the U.S. May Experience Blackouts

With summer well underway, the nation’s leading grid regulator, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), just released a troubling new report indicating that significant portions of the United States are at risk of energy shortages and rolling blackouts. Should such blackouts occur, the impact on Americans daily lives could be devastating. At the heart […]

Inside Sources: Price Control Measures Never Work

It is abundantly clear that Americans desire concrete actions to fix inflation. However, harmful price-control legislation and restrictions on domestic energy production are not the steps Americans need or want. With that in mind, the Consumer Fuel Gouging Prevention Act is a deeply misguided piece of legislation that will do nothing to alleviate the financial […]

The Economic Standard: Wildfires Are Exacerbated by Poor Forest Management Practices

It is time for elected officials to begin focusing their attention on substantial reforms to forest management that integrate the best practices of the U.S. Forest Service and experts in their field of study. Mechanical tree thinning and controlled burns could do much to cut down on the level of destruction currently inflicted on U.S. […]