Closing the Rural Broadband Gap: A Dive Into the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan – with Ajit Pai

The Senate recently passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a bipartisan $1 trillion investment in the country’s physical infrastructure, which allocates $65 billion in broadband spending and is awaiting action by the House. In this episode, Kris Pusok sits down with former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, to discuss what this […]

ACI Study Finds Government-Owned Broadband Networks Will Not Bridge the Digital Divide

Today, the American Consumer Institute (ACI) released a new study examining the dangers of government-owned broadband networks at a time when some states and municipalities are flush with stimulus dollars. Despite significant advancements in internet subscribership and record levels of private investment that have led to lower prices and increased speeds for consumers, some persist […]

Municipal Networks Are Not the Future of Broadband

There are over 900 municipal broadband networks across the U.S.  The justification for these government-owned networks is to offer lower prices than private-sector competition and to offer widespread coverage across a given municipality. However, while municipal broadband might sound like a better alternative to privately provided broadband, these networks will not enhance consumer welfare and […]

Federal Investment in Broadband Won’t Improve Digital Equality

Last weekend, a bipartisan group of Senators had released the legislative text of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. While significant investment may be required to repair the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, and airports, the bill’s proposals for increased state investment in broadband will undermine an ecosystem that is already providing consumers with faster speeds, lower […]

Freeing up Bandwidth is a Step in the Right Direction

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently moved to free up part of the 5.9 GHz spectrum for “unlicensed mid-band spectrum operations.” The 5.850-5.925 GHz band, a part of the mid-band spectrum, was previously reserved for transportation, notably autonomous vehicles and aircraft communications. However, it will now be free for use by consumer-servicing telecommunications companies, such […]

Infrastructure Proposal: Coalition Letter to Congress on Broadband Spending

Regarding developments in the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations on broadband, ACI joined with a number of other groups calling on Congress to avoid provisions that would enact price controls, dramatically expand agency authority, and favor government-controlled internet networks. The letter also asked Congress to continue its oversight responsibilities and not abdicate them to the executive branch […]

Inside Sources: Is the Administration Trying to Fix Something That is Not Broken?

Despite the administration’s assertions, it should be readily apparent that Americans do not face significant financial barriers to accessing broadband. On the contrary, not only is broadband in the U.S. more affordable than elsewhere, but it is also becoming more affordable each year with price declines that are enabling more and more Americans to connect […]

Mandated Interoperability Will Hurt Consumers

Congress has been targeting tech companies for a while now with proposed laws that would strengthen antitrust regulations and prevent companies from growing too large. Recently, the House Judiciary Committee examined six different bills that each set out to protect consumers from perceived unchecked control of tech giants such as Apple, Google, and others. A […]

States Must Unleash the Power of 5G

Small cell infrastructure is vital to expanding 5G infrastructure in the United States, particularly in densely populated urban communities. Recognizing the importance of small cell infrastructure to 5G deployment and the numerous barriers local governments and municipalities have to stop their deployment, the Pennsylvania legislature recently passed HB-1621, the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act. With the […]

New Executive Order Is a Mixed Bag for Consumers

On June 7th, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order designed to promote competition in the American economy. In total, the Executive Order “includes 72 initiatives” that the White House claims will “tackle some of the most pressing competition problems across our economy.” These competition problems, the White House claims, have led to declines in […]