Misconceptions About Inflation

As Americans continue to grapple with high inflation, it is worth examining how we got here and addressing some of the common misconceptions and misleading headlines about what is actually driving inflation.  When the first signs of inflation began to appear in early April 2021, America was still coming out of what had been an […]

Congress Must Act Quickly to Ensure the FCC’s Spectrum Authority is Reauthorized

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC), which is tasked with hosting annual auctions for commercial wireless providers, may soon lose the ability to license radio frequency bands if its spectrum authority expires on September 30th. The FCC’s current authority only lasts for 10 years and must be renewed by Congress. Should Congress fail to act in […]

Real Clear Energy: Joe Biden’s Move to Grant Leases for Oil/Gas Drilling Is So Underwhelming

It is not too late for the Biden Administration to encourage the Department of the Interior to put in place policies that encourage future oil exploration on federal lands. Similarly, the Administration can look into streamlining the currently burdensome permitting process that discourages investment and delays increasing supply. Actions such as these will go a […]

The Economic Standard: Proposed Mergers Act Codifies Big Is Bad

Despite being an integral part of modern life, over a third of Americans support breaking up tech companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Moreover, public disapproval of the firms, known as techlash, is propelling legislative efforts that could limit many of the consumer benefits that these companies offer. One legislative reaction to techlash is […]

Workers Must See Through the Union Charade

It seems unionization is contagious, particularly in a city like New York, whose history is deeply intertwined with the American labor movement. Shortly after Amazon workers on Staten Island voted earlier this year to unionize by just 523 votes, workers at another facility on Staten Island rejected the opportunity to form a  second union. While the recently founded Amazon Labor […]

Does Cryptocurrency Need a New Regulatory Structure?

While cryptocurrency is still a relatively new phenomenon, its popularity is growing. The three largest cryptocurrencies—Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum—have around 1.5 million daily transactions. The increased ease and transparency drive cryptocurrency’s use it brings to financial transfers. While streamlining transactions saves consumers time and money, the underlying concept of transferring value has not changed. The […]

Report Reveals 340B Program in Serious Need of Reform

A new report from the nonprofit public policy organization Pioneer Institute sheds new light on the recent failings of the Federal 340B Drug Discount Program. This 1992-era program was originally designed to provide “comprehensive services” to vulnerable populations by requiring that drug companies sell certain products to eligible healthcare clinics and hospitals at a 20-50% […]

The Economic Standard: Antitrust Shows That Bad Policy Is Bipartisan

Antitrust reform is a rare example of bipartisanship. Unfortunately, this consensus radically increases the odds of Congress passing onerous and unnecessary regulations that would unduly burden large tech companies and risk the consumer benefits they provide. Despite these benefits, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has assumed the mantle of Congress’s top trustbuster, leading legislative efforts to […]

Real Clear Policy: Government Broadband is a Bad Deal for America

The history of municipal broadband networks shows they are simply not viable alternatives to private providers, with many collapsing after just a few years of operation. These networks lose money and drive away private sector investment in broadband services. If Congress and states truly want to close the digital divide, they need to pursue policies […]