Plastic Bag Restrictions Nickel and Dime Consumers

Amidst a 40-year high inflation rate that now stands at 7.9% nationally, numerous cities, states, and counties throughout the country are moving ahead with plans to introduce bans or taxes on plastic bags that will nickel and dime consumers for everyday shopping.  Predicated on the notion that such restrictions are needed to help combat climate […]

ACI Files Comments with the U.S. Postal Commission Regarding Contributions to Institutional Costs

Comments of American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research Regarding Docket No. RM2022-2 Submitted to the United States Postal Regulatory Commission March 25, 2022 To the attention of the Commission: The American Consumer Institute (“ACI”) is appreciative of the opportunities to keep an open dialogue and submit comments, past and present, on this critical subject […]

Study on Seattle Soda Tax Offers Lessons on Legislating Behavior

Soda taxes are again in the news and this time for Seattle’s misconceived “sweetened beverage tax.” A new study released in January by the journal PLOS ONE has found that, despite claims to the contrary, Seattle’s soda tax did not improve “health outcomes.” These findings throw cold water on the idea that soda taxes are […]

States are Right to Consider Removing Taxes on Groceries

As Americans continue to grapple with the reality of high inflation and surging food prices, a record number of states are moving to alleviate some of that burden at the grocery store. Over the last few months, legislators in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and Virginia have proposed either lowering or eliminating their state’s sales […]

Taxes and Regulations Hamper the Restaurant Industry’s Road to Recovery

The restaurant industry has always been a high risk industry that operates on relatively tight margins. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and accompanying rules and regulations have made things infinitely more difficult for those in the business. Now the industry faces a plethora of new challenges including a 7.5% inflation rate, supply chain issues, […]

Gas Tax Holiday Should Be Made Permanent

Every time Americans fill up at the pump, they pay an additional 18 cents per gallon for gasoline and 24 cents per gallon for Diesel, thanks to the federal gas tax, which first passed Congress in the 1930s. Given that federal and state gas taxes make up around 15% of the total price, President Biden […]

Washington Times: Congress Pushes for Tobacco Death and Taxes

Electronic cigarettes have been the single greatest advancement in tobacco harm reduction since scientists proved a link between smoking and cancer in the 1960s. While the use of electronic cigarettes is not without risk, studies have shown that they are far healthier than combustible products. Georgetown University Medical Center recently estimated that replacing combustible cigarettes […]

The Economic Standard: USPS Need Changes as Fiscal Chaos Deepens

On November 10th, the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors revealed that the United States Postal Service (USPS) lost $4.9 billion in 2021. This most recent financial statement solidifies the 15th consecutive year the postal service has suffered a year-end loss of more than a billion dollars. This is a major problem and should be […]

Morning Consult: Don’t Bail Out the NFIP Again. Fix Its Flaws

For the last 15 years, the National Flood Insurance Program — the nation’s primary source of flood insurance — has lurched from one financial crisis to the next, accruing a massive $20.5 billion debt with the U.S. Treasury to cover its persistent shortfalls. Congress’ decision to cancel $16 billion of NFIP debt in 2017 only kicked the […]

Inside Sources: Solar and Wind Have Outgrown Their Tax Credit Allowance

Faced with little work and unaffordable rent, countless millennials bit the bullet and moved back home with their parents during the pandemic. Temporary solutions—however awkward—are sometimes necessary. The Democrats’ reconciliation bill, however, is set to make America’s longest ‘temporary solution’ more permanent and more expensive. This commentary was published in Inside Sources and is available […]