Vicky Thomas

Some Delco teens having tough time finding part-time work this summer, but employers say jobs are available.
Ridley High School senior Erin Maley hit each store in the Ridley Park business district and popped the same question — “Are you hiring?”

“No one was,” said the 18-year-old. “I applied all over — at the Ridley Park florist, at Candy for Occasions … but they all said they weren’t hiring.”

With a little help from a friend, Maley eventually landed a job working the counter at Double Decker Pizza in Ridley Park.

Many teenagers might not find such luck as they search for employment this summer. Experts are warning that teenagers could struggle to find a summer job because of the unhealthy economy.

According to a study released by the Center for Labor Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, the summer job prospects for the nation’s teenagers are the worst since World War II.

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