Who Supports Guarenteed Health Insurance for Everyone?

Survey Finds Consumers in Favor of Guaranteeing Health Insurance for All

The majority of Americans (70.2%) say they would support a public policy to guarantee health insurance for everyone, according to a household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute. Most in favor of a public policy included those earning less than $25,000 per year (77.6%), those less than 25 years of age (85.0%), democrats (88.6%), those living in the Northeast (76%), households with a union worker (77.4%), blacks (80.0%), Hispanics (84.3%), and females (75.1%). One-quarter of the respondents opposed such a policy, particularly those respondents identifying themselves as Republicans (49.5%). 4.5% were undecided. These results are from a national survey of 1,000 heads-of-households and are part of the Institute’s 2009 Consumer Pulse Survey. These survey results have an accuracy of plus or minus 3%.


3 thoughts on “Who Supports Guarenteed Health Insurance for Everyone?

  1. I fully support everyone having health insurance. I do not think that anyone (that is sane) would say that people should not have coverage. I think the thing that I differ on is how they will get that coverage. I currently pay for my own health insurance through my business. I am quite happy to keep it that way. What I do not want to happen is for more money to be taken from me to pay for someone else. Something seems rather Socialistic to require me to pay for someone else. We can disguise it as the government will pay or taxes will pay, but it means the same thing. I will pay. And guess what? I pay enough already.

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