Today, The American Consumer Institute (ACI) joined a coalition of over 30 state and national conservative and tax policy organizations urging Congress to move tax legislation through conference quickly and pass pro-growth reform before Christmas. In a letter sent to every member of Congress, the signers highlighted the need to pass a bill that will simplify the tax code, spur job creation in the U.S., and provide American families with much needed relief.

“Tax reductions are crucial to stimulating economic growth and creating private sector jobs,” says Steve Pociask, president of ACI. The letter states, “Your constituents deserve more of their paychecks in their pockets, greater job prospects, and a stronger economy.”

The full letter, sent to the office of every member of the House and Senate, can be read here.

Full list of signatories:
60 Plus Association
Alabama Policy Institute
ALEC Action
America First Policies
America Rising Squared
American Action Network
American Commitment
American Consumer Institute
Association of Mature American Citizens
Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Citizens United
Citizen Outreach
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
Crossroads GPS
Faith and Freedom Coalition
Family Business Coalition
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
Heritage Action for America
Hispanic Leadership Fund
Independent Women’s Voice
Institute for Policy Innovation
National Black Chamber of Commerce
One Nation
Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Rio Grande Foundation
Secure America’s Future Economy (SAFE)
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Tea Party Patriots
Wyoming Liberty Group