Closing the digital divide is key to improving the country’s resiliency in times of crisis. Yet, accelerating spectrum allocation and deployment is crucial to closing the digital gap and preventing the further deepening of the divide. As the crisis continues to unfold and the demand for increased Internet access and 5G deployment keeps surging, it raises urgency around spectrum allocation.

The webinar will address questions such as:
• What are Congress’ and the FCC’s plans to facilitate more wireless connections?
• Why are the upcoming auctions crucial and what’s on the horizon?
• What is the promise of non-traditional broadband access technologies in closing the digital divide?
• When might we be able to see some of the great 5G advancements we’ve been hearing about?

• Shane Tews, President at Logan Circle Strategies & Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute
• Krisztina Pusok, Director of Policy and Research at the American Consumer Institute