When Postmaster General (PMG) Louis DeJoy took the helm of the United States Postal Service in May, he inherited a dismal situation and an extensive list of problems to solve after years of curious decision-making by management and ongoing failures to correct the agency’s troubling financial and quality performance. Prospects for the Postal Service’s independent sustainability have been deeply damaged, and since 2007, the Postal Service has lost more than $80 billion and has amassed more the $161 billion in liabilities, with net losses escalating to greater depths each of the past three years.

Despite its outsized budget, the arm of the federal government has not lived up to the performance standards that postal consumers have been promised. Each of the past five years, the Postal Service has not met its on-time performance targets for all elements of First-Class Mail, including letters delivered overnight, letters on the two-day timeline, the 3-5 day timeline, and all of the presort letter categories.

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