ICYMI: President and CEO for the American Consumer Institute Steve Pociask published an op-ed in The Economic Standard stating that new insinuations and hyperbole about U.S. Postal Service’s operations ignore the larger issue that mail delays have been an ongoing problem for consumers who depend on the Postal Service as a facilitator of commerce.

Pociask’s piece provides a reminder that the USPS has continually failed to meet its reduced delivery goals, including an inability to meet any mail performance targets since 2013. He concluded his analysis noting that the biggest operational questions involve the Postal Service’s pursuits in competitive services and packages – beyond its baseline letter mail obligations.

“Ultimately, the process of unraveling the Postal Service mail delivery performance remains a multi-faceted responsibility, and especially entails work by Postal leaders, lawmakers, and regulators to trim the agency’s bureaucracy and determine whether the USPS is properly serving American consumers in efficient and cost-effective ways.”

You can read Steve’s full op-ed here.