The Department of Labor’s (DOL) final rule which was issued today is a big win for consumers, small businesses, and the independent workers who value the flexibility independent contracting provides in selecting when and how to work. ACI applauds DOL’s efforts to establish clear and consistent standards that clarify the classification of employee or independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act, a classification that lies at the heart of the gig economy’s viability.

The following is a statement by ACI’s Director Krisztina Pusok:

“The gig economy has opened up opportunities both for those looking for flexible work opportunities and for people who benefit from the services provided. For the 57 million of Americans who receive tangible economic benefits from the gig economy, statutory ambiguity can expose them and their employers to unnecessary vulnerabilities that payroll workers are less susceptible to and could have significant downsides for the economy as a whole. 

We believe the Department’s final rule will provide the much-needed guidance, clarity, and consistency to the classification of workers so that workers can continue to enjoy the benefits and flexibility of gig work arrangements. We urge the incoming administration to consider how crucial choice is for independent workers and allow the rule to take effect. We should NOT deprive these workers of the flexibility and autonomy they value.”