On June 14, ACI’s director, Dr. Krisztina Pusok, participated in a panel discussion during the 2021 Free Market Road Show conference hosted by the Austrian Economics Center and Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.

During the panel, Dr. Pusok shared her high level policy perspective about the role of Intellectual Property (IP) protections and how government regulations shape the innovation climate.

She made the following key points:

  • IP incentivizes and creates dynamic innovation climate by allowing both inventors and investors to devote a lot of time, talent, and resources to create new technologies.
  • The rule of law needs to prevail for the IP system to work.
  • Regulations often come with costs and tradeoffs and can change the innovation climate. While regulations should aim to provide protections for consumers, regulators need to work together with the industry to develop sound rules and standards that do not hamper innovation.

You can watch the video of her discussion here.