Today, The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA) regarding the toxic, underregulated, and inefficient hand sanitizers taking over the U.S. market. This is the second letter ACI has sent the FDA urging the agency to take seriously the risks facing American consumers if these products are allowed to stay on the market.

Thankfully, the FDA has rescinded the emergency guidance on alcohol-based hand sanitizer products, that they enacted at the beginning of the pandemic, but there is much more to be done in order to keep toxic products out of Americans’ hands.

Another harmful practice that increased during the pandemic is the refilling and “topping off” of open refillable or bulk hand sanitizer dispensers that are often seen at schools, businesses, and restaurants. This act results in mislabeling, reduced efficacy, and can actually lead to high rates of bacteria growth and potential reactions.

“The influx of toxic, underregulated hand sanitizers during the pandemic has worsened this problem tremendously. Consumers are using these mixed products with a false sense of security, thus prolonging our country’s fight against COVID-19. It is time to ensure only effective, germ-fighting products end up in consumers’ hands.”

The FDA’s main purpose is to keep Americans safe. They took the first step by withdrawing the emergency guidance, but now we need increased regulations concerning what products are out there and how they are handled. As we continue to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to be sure the products we are using to stop the spread are reliable and safe.

You can click here to read the letter.

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