Family meals are a bedrock American tradition. From Independence Day to quinceañeras, Americans of all stripes celebrate with good food and good company. But, like an overbearing guest at a party, meddlesome politicians are trying to dictate how Americans cook. Their efforts to ban natural gas stoves are an excessive government intrusion into family life.

These schemes to scrap gas stoves have gained traction among elite coastal outposts in recent years. The cities of San Francisco and Berkley have already prohibited most new buildings from fitting natural gas appliances. Earlier this week, New York Governor Kathy Hochul similarly proposed a ban on natural gas heating and appliances in new buildings. And it seems that these unpopular ideas are creeping in from the fringes of the country. Federal regulators at the Consumer Product Safety Commission initially suggested that they too would mull outlawing the humble stove, before the idea was put on ice amid public outrage.

Published in its entirety in RealClearEnergy.