Join the American Consumer Institute for a discussion on the current regulatory environment for consumers who need access to credit.

About this event

Consumers are feeling financial pressure from all sides. Rising inflation and lingering fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic have created an uncertain economic environment where more than half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Only 40 percent of Americans say they can cover an emergency expense. What can Congress do to protect the financial well-being of consumers?

The American Consumer Institute is pleased to bring together a panel of policy experts and researchers who will explore how policies at the state and federal level can help the financial well-being of consumers across the country by expanding access to credit.

This event will be in-person. Lunch will be provided.


  • Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC 05), Member, House Financial Services Committee


  • Steve Pociask President and CEO, American Consumer Institute
  • Isaac Schick, Policy Analyst, American Consumer Institute
  • Tom Miller Jr., Professor of Finance & Jack R. Lee Chair of Financial Institutions, Mississippi State University,
  • Patrice Onwuka, Director, Center for Oppportunity, Independent Women’s Forum