ARLINGTON, VA. — The American Consumer Institute (ACI) commends the recent developments that the White House has reached an agreement with major companies such as Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft on the adoption of AI.

Last week the Biden Administration announced a joint agreement with tech companies about the development of AI. In the voluntary agreement, the companies consent to third-party security testing, watermarking AI content, transparency regarding the use and limits of the technology, and continued research regarding potential harms such as bias.  

ACI Director of Technology Policy, Tirzah Duren has said “AI holds potential benefits and risks, but heavy-handed regulations are not the way to foster innovation. The agreement between leading AI firms and the Biden administration last week shows that companies have the incentive to proactively address consumer concerns and increase transparency to build consumer trust.”

This announcement largely reflects safety practices that have already been implemented or promised by the signatories and have no formal enforcement mechanism binding on the companies. This agreement shows it is possible to join diverse interests in working toward reasonable behavioral norms while also maintaining opportunities for innovation.

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