Recently, the European Union (EU) moved to formalize its request for Google to mandatorily sell its Ad-tech tools. U.S. regulators have recently started similar actions to require Google’s U.S. business to do the same, now making this a trans-Atlantic and inter-governmental push to break up Google’s Ad-tech operations.

Google offers customers, a one-stop-shop for online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advertising while linking potential customers to goods and services. By breaking up the supply chain, governments will arbitrarily increase compliance costs for both Google and its customers while also passing complicated advertising transparency laws further exacerbating the burden on individual companies.

The EU has failed to consider the impacts on the consumer and its effects on efficiency, predictability, and market innovation for years to come. By breaking the supply chain up, the EU will effectively require each customer to purchase the services of individual brokers along multiple stages of the ‘ad-buy’ process, increasing the number of service subscriptions and fees, in addition to lengthening the administrative burden on companies to action purchases.

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