Climate change concerns must mean a greater focus on nuclear power

Sweden just shocked the world by putting the brakes on their renewable energy goals. They officially switched their clean power target from “100% renewable” to “100% fossil free” in order to reach the country’s ambitious clean energy objectives by 2040. Abandoning the 100% renewable goal is a bold move coming from a nation often touted as a “green leader.” 

Sweden is going nuclear.

A neighboring war between Russia and Ukraine could force anyone to reconsider their energy strategies. And the realization that renewables don’t cut it. The Russia-Ukraine conflict put serious strain on many European countries’ oil supply, and Sweden certainly wasn’t spared. This past winter Swedes were asked to turn down their thermostats, take shorter showers, unplug appliances, and refrain from using certain electricity-intensive items during peak hours. Renewables were leaving them cold and in the dark.

2021 study reveals that “most reliable renewable electricity systems….satisfy countries’ electricity demand in 72-91% of hours, even in systems which meet >90% of demand, hundreds of hours of unmet demand may occur annually.”

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