ARLINGTON, VA — The American Consumer Institute (ACI) releases its Two is Better Than One: How the Federal Home Loan Bank Serves a Unique Role in The U.S. Banking System examining the FHLB’s role in the US economy.

Financial stability and the role of key institutions have been subjects of intrigue and importance in recent times. In this era of economic uncertainty, understanding how the financial system operates and what safeguards it relies on is more critical than ever. We are excited to announce a groundbreaking research paper that delves deep into these topics and promises to enlighten and inform readers across the globe.

In 2023, the Federal Reserve faced a liquidity crisis, prompting a multifaceted response. While the Federal Reserve’s Discount Window (DW) took center stage, another critical player entered the scene – the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBs). But were these actions redundant or did they serve distinct purposes?

In this comprehensive research paper, authors Isaac Schick and Steve Pociask dissect the intricate relationship between the Federal Reserve and FHLBs. They explore how these two entities differ in structure, function, and impact on the money supply. The findings shed light on their unique roles in maintaining financial stability.

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As the global economy faces challenges and uncertainties, understanding financial stability is crucial for everyone. We invite you to read “Two is Better Than One” and engage in the conversation about the roles and responsibilities of key financial institutions.

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The full research paper, “Two is Better Than One: How the Federal Home Loan Bank Serves a Unique Role in The U.S. Banking System” by Isaac Schick and Steve Pociask, is available for download below.

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