ARLINGTON, VA — On Wednesday, October 25, the White House released a funding request to Congress for the support of critical domestic needs, which includes funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Steve Pociask, president of The American Consumer Institute, issued the following statement in response to the news and on the path toward enactment:

“There are few government programs that have proven to be as effective as the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides affordable internet to more than 21 million consumers nationwide. With Program funds running out, we applaud the White House for its new $6 billion funding request supporting the ACP to ensure lower-income Americans remain online. High-speed internet has become essential to participating in modern life, and we should not continue to keep the future of the ACP uncertain.

Considering the fact that ACP is efficiently administered and effective, it isn’t a surprise that the Program is widely popular among the general public, with support that transcends political lines. According to polling, a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all support extending the program. At the same time, lawmakers in both political parties have recognized the unique success of the ACP and how it helps the smallest of small communities, big cities, and everywhere in between.

With a new Speaker of the House, Congress should waste no time in funding this critical broadband subsidy program.”

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