New Jersey is the latest in the growing list of states that will be banning the sale of new internal combustion engines (ICE) by the year 2035. Governor Murphy is intent on moving toward the unraveling fiasco that is green energy, even after a major offshore wind company pulled out of the garden state just weeks prior.

He can take the spot that was just vacated by Connecticut hardly a week ago. Apparently, Governor Lamont had a change of heart about limiting the types of vehicles his constituents drive. Or at least realized he wouldn’t have the votes necessary to get the legislation through, and with a democrat-leaning legislature, that means some D’s were against its passage. It’s safe to say that there was enough of a backlash, enough of an outcry, which caused that state to change course.

And with very good reason.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are not exactly popular among the American populace, and EVs are stacking up on car lots, sitting nearly twice as long as ICE vehicles. Consumers aren’t sold.

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