In 2023, the American Consumer Institute (ACI) continued to make waves as a leading force in consumer advocacy, education, and research. With a mission to empower and inform consumers, ACI remained steadfast in its commitment to addressing key issues shaping the marketplace.

Throughout the year, ACI actively engaged with challenges in a number of key policy arenas, ensuring a very impactful year.

In response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Public Notice on network neutrality regulations, ACI took a proactive stance. The organization submitted detailed comments expressing concerns about potential ramifications, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive analysis of the proposed regulations’ impact on investment, deployment, and access within the broadband marketplace.

A notable highlight of ACI’s 2023 endeavors was our dedicated effort to bridge the gap between complex industry issues and the everyday consumer. Our Policy Analysts translated intricate market analyses into accessible information, ensuring consumers could make informed decisions in an ever-changing economic environment.

ACI’s influence extended beyond research and education; the organization actively advocated for consumer-friendly policies. ACI urged the FCC to conduct rigorous supporting analyses, provide reasonable estimates of costs and benefits, and take thoughtful pauses in proceedings to consider public comments thoroughly.

As ACI navigated the dynamic landscape of 2023, it solidified its position as a reliable source of information, a staunch advocate for consumers, and a catalyst for positive change in the marketplace. With a finger on the pulse of consumer issues, ACI continued to champion a future where informed consumers play a central role in shaping a fair and competitive marketplace.

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