Arlington, VA — The American Consumer Institute, a leading independent 501c3 education and research organization, has submitted compelling reply comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Net Neutrality.

In a detailed analysis, the Institute argues that the FCC’s NPRM, which suggests additional net neutrality regulations and the reclassification of broadband services from Title I to Title II, is premature and unnecessary. The Institute emphasizes its mission to identify, analyze, and protect consumer interests in legislative and rulemaking proceedings across various sectors.

In the submitted comments, the American Consumer Institute highlights concerns over the proposed reclassification of broadband services as a telecommunications service under Title II, describing it as a radical departure from the successful light-touch approach that has guided the country over the years. The Institute predicts significant unintended consequences for investment, deployment, and access within the broadband marketplace, potentially leading to increased consumer broadband prices.

Referencing the FCC’s previous attempt with the 2015 Open Internet Order (OIO), the Institute draws attention to the negative outcomes, including a steep decline in infrastructure investment in the broadband market. Research cited in their comments indicates that strict net neutrality regulations could harm consumer welfare by discouraging network investment, reducing innovation, limiting quality options, and raising consumer prices.

The FCC’s decision to resurrect a similar regulatory regime is met with skepticism by the American Consumer Institute. The Institute challenges the FCC’s claim of needing Title II authority to “safeguard the open Internet,” protect consumers, and defend national security, asserting that the Internet is not broken, and the FCC has provided no evidence.

Importantly, the Institute criticizes the FCC’s lack of a rigorous cost and benefits analysis for its proposal. The American Consumer Institute emphasizes that the broadband market is already dynamic and competitive, questioning the necessity of additional government intervention.

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