The global elites once again patted themselves on the back for saving the planet, marking the latest COP28 with an actual commitment to “transition away” from fossil fuels. Half the attendees, however, had to settle for less, wanting a complete “phase out” instead. 

The fossil fuel haters seem to forget, or rather choose to ignore, the enormous blessings afforded them on account of abundant and affordable energy. 

Very strong and positive correlations exist between the use of fossil fuels and rise in GDP, income, wealth, life expectancy and overall quality of life, simply because this resource has enabled countless technological advancements. 

The greater the access to cheap energy, the greater the overall health and productivity of a nation. The converse is also true.

It’s ironic that the very fuel despised by alarmists is the sole energy source that facilitates their annual gatherings to denounce its usage. COP28 attendance peaked at around 85,000 this year, hundreds of whom flew in and out on private jets.

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Kristen Walker is a policy analyst for the American Consumer Institute, a nonprofit education and research organization. For more information about the Institute, visit or follow us on Twitter @ConsumerPal