ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Kristen Walker, ACI’s energy policy analyst, has voiced significant concerns regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent implementation of new tailpipe standards for heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles. According to Walker, the stringent regulations could drastically limit consumer choice, forcing Americans towards electric vehicles (EVs) that may not align with their needs and financial capabilities. Her full comment is below:

“We are deeply disappointed in the new EPA tailpipe rule that sets extremely stringent standards on light-duty cars and trucks as well as heavy-duty trucks. This will severely limit the types of cars Americans can buy by forcing them to purchase expensive electric vehicles, which for most, do not meet their needs. Many consumers will be priced out of the automobile market entirely. This comes at a time when American families are already struggling to make ends meet with record-high inflation and soaring prices on every-day goods. Such policies also put our national security at risk by forcing us to depend on other nations, particularly China and the mineral supply chain China controls. The EPA tailpipe rule is bad for the American consumer.”

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