Arlington, VA — A concerning development emerges from Colorado as HB24-1373 gains attention within the state legislature. This legislation proposes to abolish liquor licenses for grocery stores, drug stores, and other retail outlets, a move that threatens to drastically reshape the landscape of alcohol sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impact on Businesses and Consumers: If passed, HB24-1373 would strip grocery stores and drug stores of their ability to sell liquor, directly affecting these businesses and limiting consumer options.
  • Reduced Market Competition: Eliminating numerous liquor license holders will likely decrease market competition, resulting in higher prices and reduced consumer availability.
  • Inconvenience and Increased Costs: Consumers will face additional inconvenience and cost as they may need to visit separate establishments to purchase alcohol, adding unnecessary complexity to their shopping experience.
  • Alternatives Under Consideration: The Governor’s Alcohol Beverage Liquor Advisory Group is actively working on alternative policy solutions that address the concerns of HB24-1373 without its negative implications.

HB24-1373 poses significant risks to both the economic landscape and the consumer experience in Colorado. The bill undermines the principle of consumer choice and punishes responsible adults by restricting where they can purchase alcohol. We strongly urge the Colorado legislature to consider the adverse effects of this bill and reject it in favor of more balanced, consumer-friendly policies. We call on all stakeholders, including consumers, business owners, and policymakers, to voice their opposition to HB24-1373. Stand with us in promoting responsible legislation that supports both the economy and consumer rights.

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