Arlington, VA — In the shadow of rising living costs, Minnesota has enacted a new retail delivery fee that took effect yesterday, presenting a significant burden on lower and middle-class families. State Senator Julia Coleman criticizes this measure as unnecessary amid economic challenges, likening it to historical economic impositions that have sparked significant backlash.

The new Democrat retail delivery fee went into effect yesterday while families are struggling amidst rising costs. The last thing Minnesotans need is another tax that increases the costs of basic goods.”

–  State Senator Julia Coleman, Minnesota

Impact of the New Delivery Tax:

  • Increased Cost of Living: The new tax exacerbates the financial strain on families already struggling with escalating prices, further inflating the cost of basic goods delivered to their doorsteps.
  • Regressive Impact on Lower and Middle Classes: Those who rely on online shopping for affordable access to essential goods will face higher expenses, disproportionately affecting less affluent Minnesotans.
  • Historical Echoes of Economic Oppression: This tax draws parallels with the Tea Act of 1773, which catalyzed the American Revolution by imposing unjust financial burdens on the colonists, symbolizing governmental overreach.

The timing of the tax’s implementation, just before the 4th of July—a day commemorating the fight against oppressive economic policies—underscores its irony. We call on citizens and lawmakers alike to reflect on the principles of economic freedom and fairness that are the bedrock of American values. The community must rally to reconsider and potentially reverse this burdensome tax to ensure that all Minnesotans can continue to afford their basic needs without undue government imposition.

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