The Honest Advertising Act Could Be Greatly Improved

Senators Klobuchar, Warner and McCain have endorsed the Honest Advertising Act (HAA) to address advertising practices in digital social media that currently allow foreign interference in our elections.  Indeed, it appears that Russia used trolls to attack the character of some election candidates, to spread “fake news,” and to foment social divisiveness on some issues.  […]

A Brewing Clash with Dominant Players in Digital Advertising

For reasons that make little sense today, advertisers in the Internet’s digital marketplace are not monitored by a common federal agency. The multiple agencies involved have peculiar regulatory outlooks and lack authority to holistically monitor the marketplace. This has led to an incomplete view of how dominance is growing and of how competitors are interacting. […]

Targeted Ads Come from Creepy Digital Stalking

Some Internet consumers have become inured to the adverts decorating webpages that they visit.  Early on we may have paid attention to their advertiser’s messages, or wondered who places and changes them, and wondered if the adverts caused downloads to be as annoyingly slow as they seem to.  More recently, we probably noticed an uptick […]

Better Adverts and Lower Costs are in the Regulators Crosshairs

A number of companies appear interested in buying Yahoo, including Google-parent Alphabet, Time Inc., and DMGT (the British parent company of the Daily Mail newspaper and Elite). Now Verizon Communications, one of the major US broadband companies, is reportedly interested in buying the core of Yahoo too. Yahoo has a 204 million unique monthly visitors […]

Consumers Deserve Control Over Advertising on Wireless Devices

None of us hope for adverts to be pushed onto our mobile phones.  There is no toggle switch to suppress these invaders, not even a fenced area to keep them under control.  They can arrive anywhere; top and bottom page banners, interstitial adverts between items you actually asked for, and adverts stitched into apps that […]

Obamacare: Making the Dog Food

Promotion of the Affordable Care Act is like sausage making described in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle.”   In both cases a questionable product is pieced together from noxious ingredients, as is dog food.  ACA enrollment is far below expectations.  The ACA audience faces uncertainty about services cost and quality, a botched rollout, and America’s youth know […]

Consumers Are Thinking Differently About Brands

In 2011, $144 billion or $462 per capita was spent on U.S. advertising for the products and services you buy.  Advertising is intended to burnish not just an individual product, but a brand that may include many products.   The brand is a way for marketers to distinguish their products from competitor’s products – it’s like […]

Dishing out TV Advertising: The Dispute between Dish Network and Broadcasters

In early May, Dish Network launched a new service called Primetime Anytime, a service that would give consumers access to network television shows from the previous 8 days—minus the commercials.  The technology, dubbed “AutoHop,”allows a user to watch their favorite television shows without the hassle and annoyance of advertisements.  The broadcast networks quickly leapt into […]

Your Internet Privacy vs. Their Advertising Greed

Specifics are important.  Personally identifiable Information (PII) includes; name, address, telephone number, email address, financial account number, government-issued identifier (e.g. Social Security), and anything used to identify, contact or precisely locate a person.   Sensitive consumer information overlaps with PII and includes; Government-issued identifiers, Insurance plan numbers, Financial account numbers, precise real-time geographic location of an […]