Policymakers must protect AI development

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has created significant advances from facial recognition to medical diagnosis. Yet, despite significant achievements in AI, the former Pentagon software chief, Nicolas Chaillan, warned the U.S. is falling behind other countries in terms of AI development, and “the failure to respond [is] putting  [Americans] at risk.” While Chaillan is […]

AI Can Provide a Solution to the Problem of Credit Invisibility

Today, around 26 million American consumers are considered credit invisible, meaning they do not have a credit record needed to obtain credit cards, a loan, or a mortgage even though they may be financially responsible. For Americans who are credit invisible, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in determining credit worthiness would remove a substantial […]

AI Offers Substantial Benefits for Patients

On April 21, the European Commission released its much-anticipated proposal for a regulation laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence. If implemented, Brussels’ proposal would govern artificial intelligence (AI) across 27 member countries and for over 445 million people. In outlining the need for the Commission’s proposed AI regulations, Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for […]

US Should Not Follow Europe’s Lead on AI

On April 26, 2021, the European Union released its proposals to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) among its 27 member states. In announcing the proposals, the European Commission claimed while AI can produce significant benefits for consumers, the technology “can also bring about new risks or negative consequences for individuals or the society.” While the European Union’s efforts […]

Ethical Behaviors from AI Systems

The ethics associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)has become a serious consideration within academia and the high technology industry. Ethics are “the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture.” Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments are in their formative stage and lack generally accepted rules of conduct, […]

Autonomous Artificially Intelligent Weapons?

Modern militaries are way beyond reliance on hand-loaded mortars and Howitzers. Those old-fashioned ways of lobbing explosive charges tend to reveal the location of the troops using them. Protecting our troops and civilians in or near the battlefield is best accomplished through a mix of conventional and high-tech tools. A U.S. Army spokesperson says “allowing […]

The Real Threats of Artificial Intelligence

Some consumers may be alarmed at the prospects of malicious Artificial Intelligence (AI), but some are unconcerned. In a verbal standoff, Elon Musk claims that humanity needs to fear AI while Steven Pinker (a highly respected academic) feels that perspective is unproductive fear mongering. Bill Gates and the late Stephen Hawking side with Musk, but […]

Artificial Intelligence, Price Setting, and Antitrust Behaviors

With specialized training, Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines can scour a marketplace looking at prices and devising ways that all sellers could obtain higher prices, especially if the competitors acted collusively. Of course, AI is unaware of the ethical violation that arises from collusion until it is trained to avoid such behaviors. The scope of training […]

Robots Will Help Reverse the Offshoring of US Jobs

Robots long ago graduated from the pages of sci-fi novels and comic books.  In nations that engage in serious manufacturing, robots have become crucial to prosperity and growth.  Industrial robots have become so common in factory settings that we no longer expect them to appear humanoid.  Around the clock, they perform the full panoply of […]

How AI Learns and Where AI Is Welcomed

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is of three types: Narrow AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  The demand for experienced AI developers is brisk, with Microsoft, Facebook, Google, IBM and Intel aggressively recruiting. Already non-IT firms are looking for their own AI developers.  In recent years, much AI development has been focused on practical AI products for […]