Gig Economy in the Crosshairs of a Benefits Blunderbuss

Our so-called “gig economy” is the spontaneous contracting for labor and services on a short-term, low entanglement basis, much as a musician might join a band for one or two night’s work.  Those fleeting labor contracts are made easy by Internet as it supports contractual interactions by sellers and buyers.  In the gig economy, some […]

The Sharing Economy

One of the more interesting developments in the tech startup scene has been the proliferation of companies capitalizing on what some call the sharing economy. These companies facilitate commerce between two private entities to make a financial transaction. The most popular companies facilitating these interactions are Airbnb, which connects travelers with people who have spare […]

Laws Protect Hotels from Competition

Last week, a court in New York City ruled that the popular short-term rental website Airbnb is illegal. For those not familiar with the website, Airbnb connects travelers with residents that are willing to rent out their couch, spare room, or entire apartment or home for short-term stays.  It’s become extremely popular for travelers for […]