Increasing the Passenger Facility Charge Would Be Costly to American Travelers

Airports have recently intensified their lobbying efforts to raise the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – possibly doubling the charge. A new report finds that increasing the PFC would suppress economic activity, reduce consumer benefits by billions of dollars, and cost thousands of jobs. On top of these harmful effects, increasing the PFC is unnecessary. PFC […]

Morning Consult: Effort to Regulate Airline Fees Would Hurt American Flyers

Some politicians, it seems, have trouble learning the lessons of history. An effort is underway in the U.S. Senate to create strict government price controls on airlines, a return to the era when federal bureaucrats set airfares, selected domestic routes and regulated flight schedules, which resulted in artificially higher prices, stifled competition, and a massive […]

Air Traffic Furloughs – Intentional Sabotage

Transport Secretary Ray LaHood has created a national crisis from the need to save $200 million.  President Obama and Rahm Emanuel must be smiling broadly.  In February 2013, LaHood promised there was no way around scaling back air traffic control staff if sequesters were enacted.  Last week he affirmed that “We cannot avoid furloughs.”  They’ve […]

You Have to Get on the Plane to Find Out Where It’s Going

A friend booked a direct flight from Detroit to Lansing, Michigan.  He boarded the plane but it sat motionless for half an hour after scheduled takeoff.   Once airborne, the captain announced that he’d be making an unscheduled stop in Port Huron to pick up passengers.  They arrived in Lansing two hours late.  The annoying experience […]