An Election with National Consequences

Few observers would have expected Alabama, a state with an 8% unionization rate and rigid right-to-work laws, to be the frontline in what has become one of the most pivotal labor battles in the last decade. Despite the low unionization rate and restrictive union laws, almost 6,000 workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer […]

State’s Hold the Keys to 5G Deployment

Last February 12th, the Alabama House of Representatives, following the State Senate’s lead, passed. If signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey, these bills will streamline the deployment of 5G small cell units, aiding the deployment of the 5G network across the state. The bill’s passage makes Alabama the 31st state to pass legislation designed […]

Huffington Post: Boeing’s Illogical Attempt to Impose Import Taxes on Planes Made in the US

In recent public statements and filings with the U.S. government, Boeing has taken the very unusual position that airplanes made in the United States should be subject to import taxes.  Boeing is resorting to this illogical argument because it was caught off guard by Bombardier’s decision to join with Airbus and make Bombardier’s new C […]